A few weeks back I posted the first edition of my Chargers 7 round mock draft.  It received, as expected, quite a bit of debate. Some people liked it, while others hated it.  Thus is the standard when it comes to mock drafts.  You can’t possibly please everyone.

I remember a time when….

Just kidding.  I am not going to talk incessantly prior to this mock.  Let’s just get on with it.


1st round:  Odell Beckham Jr.   WR   LSU  5’11”  198 pounds

It is no secret that the Chargers are in the market for another starting wide receiver.  They had been showing interest in both Steve Smith and Hakeem Nicks prior to them signing with Baltimore and Indianapolis, respectively.  OBJ can take the top off a defense with his great speed.  He is very quick to get up to top speed due to his stellar acceleration.  He also brings to the table a solid ability in the return game.  Don’t let the drafting of a wide receiver from LSU in the first round scare you.  He can play.


2nd round:  Marcus Martin   C/G  USC   6’3″   320 pounds

Martin is the best center prospect in the entire draft.  Furthermore, he can easily play guard on the San Diego offensive line while Nick Hardwick finishes off his solid career in the NFL with the Chargers.  He is very physical and takes advantage of his short stature to gain solid leverage against defenders.  Has some nasty to his game and he has yet to reach his ceiling.  MArtin would be an excellent choice in the second round.


3rd round:  Pierre Desir  CB  Lindenwood   6’1″   198 pounds

Despite being incredibly raw, Desir has a bright future in front of him.  He has great size for the position and his speed is good for a corner of his size.  When looking at a small-school prospect like Desir, you want to see that player dominate against that level of competition.  He did just that.  He totaled 25 interceptions during his time in college.  He was a division II All-American as well.


4th round:  Brett Smith  QB  Wyoming  6’2″  206 pounds

The closer we get to the NFL draft, the more the Brett Smith hype train gets rolling.  Smith is athletic for the position and has good speed as well ( clocked in the low 4.5s at his pro day recently according to Benjamin Allbright).  He was little known due to going to Wyoming.  Had he gone to a big name program, his name would be on the tip of many people’s tongues.  His arm is not overly strong but when you watch him play you can see that he has enough arm strength to make all the throws.  Like most quarterbacks, he is not as accurate on the move.  Fans of the Mountain West conference have surely seen him play and most likely walked away very impressed.  I am not sold on Brad Sorensen as the quarterback of the future once Philip Rivers hangs ’em up.  Smith is a guy that could sit back and learn while Rivers finishes off his career in lightning bolts.


5th round:  Justin Ellis   NT  Louisiana Tech   6’2″   334 pounds

I know.  Finally a nose tackle.  Ellis is a big dude.  He had solid showings at both the East-West Shrine game and the Senior bowl. Quick for his size and a heady player.  Although he plays too high at times, he is good anchoring upon contact with offensive linemen; holding his ground and occupying blockers.  Due to his long arm, you’ll see Ellis bat down his fair share of passes at the next level.  Ellis would be a great pick in the 5th round.


6th round:  Cody Latimer   WR   Indiana  6’2″   215 pounds

Another wide receiver?  Yup.  If Latimer is still available here then you sprint to turn your card in right away.  He is one of the better receivers that most people aren’t talking about.  He has good height and is very good in space for that height.  One of my favorite attributes about Latimer is he is a good blocker in the running game for a wide receiver.  That is far more important than many people like to think.  A receiving trio of Keenan Allen, OBJ and Cody Latimer means the future would be looking really good for the Charger passing attack.


7th round:  Taylor Hart   DE   Oregon   6’6″  281 pounds

Hart hasn’t missed a start in his last three seasons in Eugene.  Very intelligent player.  Has good quickness for a defensive lineman. Played multiple spots along the line showing off his versatility.  He was named second team All-Pac 12 in 2013.  Hart would be a nice add this late in the draft.


That concludes this edition of my Chargers 7 round mock draft.  Let me know what you think by leaving your thoughts below in the comment section.


Booga Peters

12 Responses to Chargers 7 round mock draft: 2nd Edition

  • David Droegemeier
    David Droegemeier says:

    sorry booga i just don’t see them taking a wide reciever first overall.. NT is a much bigger need. Also, i sincerely doubt that they draft a quarterback in this draft at all. to many defesnive positions to address. It is interesting to read though.

    • Booga Peters
      BoogaP says:

      No need to apologize. That’s why I like these. Stirs up a great debate and we all get to learn from each other. We’re not done in free agency and I had to take that into mind. When you watch NT Justin Ellis play, you’ll see why I like him. And Brett Smith in the 4th? He’s going to be special, imo. Thanks for reading and commenting!!

  • sandy peisner says:

    I don’t see wide receiver in round 1. Nose Tackle or corner back. Interesting you have Bolts choosing 2 receivers yet D backs and lineman seem like a bigger need

    • Booga Peters
      BoogaP says:

      To go into a draft with the notion that you are taking a position, rather than a player, can be a huge mistake. If you think the team’s need at wide receiver isn’t serious, I apologize.

  • I totally agree on the picking of a WR in the 1st round. However, I am a bit more sold on Cooks than Beckham. Sorry, but the LSU thing does concern me. Always bloated numbers for their QB’s and WR’s. If you watch tape, the WR’s seldom have to fight to get open, and when they get the ball the usually are several feet open, no small windows to fight for the ball. The ability to get wide open in this instance is not due to player ability, but rather, offensive scheme. Until I am proven wrong, I would never pick a QB or WR from LSU, at least in a high round.

  • Sam McCranie
    BOLTSFAN1972 says:

    I think it solely depends on if we are serious about WR James Jones from Green Bay. What if Donald Butler has gave validation and we sign NT Vince Wilfork ,either one of those guys do sign it would dramatically change our draft. So until those two free agents sign else where, I’m not sure how to predict our draft picks.

  • Sam McCranie
    BOLTSFAN1972 says:

    I also hope they address Clarys contract restructuring if Phillip and Freeney can restructure and Clary doesn’t it speaks bounds for his character.

  • Robdogg83 says:

    We need a CB and a NT. The C/G was solid at SC and we know the Bolts can use him. No to the QB and WR, unless M80 is truly done

  • Jay says:

    I wouldn’t mind going WR with our 1st pick. Our offense is our best defense rite now. If we can get a stud WR with our first pick I think it would make our offense complete. so I did my own mock draft, drafting a WR 1st and came up with this.

    Your Picks:
    Round 1 Pick 25: Kelvin Benjamin, WR, Florida State
    Round 2 Pick 25: Brandon Thomas, OG, Clemson
    Round 3 Pick 25: Keith McGill, CB, Utah
    Round 4 Pick 25: Will Clarke, DE, West Virginia
    Round 5 Pick 25: Justin Ellis, DT, Louisiana Tech
    Round 6 Pick 25: Cody Latimer, WR, Indiana
    Round 7 Pick 25: Walt Aikens, CB, Liberty

    • Booga Peters
      BoogaP says:

      Not a fan of Benjamin. Scouts are telling me he’s lazy and that they are concerned about his work ethic. No thanks. Love the rest of your mock, though. Of course, I like the picks we agree on! lol

  • All of these picks make sense to me. I especially like Pierre Desir in the 3rd. He could be a special player. Also, I’ll feel like we hit the jackpot if we land Latimer in the 6th round! Love it Booga! You the man!!

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