As some of you already know, Danario Alexander had a second surgery on his right knee due to infections in the knee.  The more news that comes out about DX, the more depressing his story seems to get.  I doubt that he looks at it that way.  I am sure that he is staying upbeat and positive.  But I cannot help but feel terrible for him.

As noted in the title, this is Alexander’s 7th knee surgery dating back to his college playing days.  That number of 7 might not even be accurate.  It could be even higher. He has had at least 5 procedures on his left knee and at least 2 on his right knee.  In a report by Dan Hanzus of, DX has now undergone “intense antibiotic treatment” due to infection after the latest surgery on his right knee.

Despite the impossibility of doing so, if you take away the injuries to Danario’s knees, there is no telling how good he could be and what kind of numbers he would put up.  The guy has good speed and great hands.  His ability to go up and get the ball at its highest point is fantastic.  He does a great job of using his body to box-out defenders when going up for the ball.  It is also worth mentioning that he is only 25 years old.

Just think about what he did after signing with San Diego in 2012.  Though he played in 10 games during that season he only started 6 of them.  In those 6 games he managed to contribute 37 receptions for 658 yards and 7 touchdowns.  This was all done without an offseason with the team.   After he started playing with the Bolts, I remember thinking how impressive it was that he and Philip Rivers had built up such a solid rapport with so little time to do so.

Going into the 2013 campaign, the excitement was building and the idea of what he would be able to produce with a full offseason began to become the talk of the town.  Despite a bit of trepidation on the part of some, many fans were ready to crown Alexander as a top ten WR.  I might have been one of them.  And then August came.

The first week of August in 2013 brought on surgery prior to this most recent one.  It was once again another torn ACL but this time it was his right knee.  The day that it happened, I didn’t find out until I was on the air as a guest on The GridIron Nation with Gee Steelio and Brian Mejia.  Talk about being thrown for a loop and not being prepared.  I had been out all day with my kids and didn’t even attempt to check out the internet or social media that day.

That day I once again realized that I take this stuff too seriously.  I was devastated when they told me.  I was in a bad mood for 4 days.  I felt terrible for him and the team.  Following that period of moping and whining came the realization that he might have already played his last game in the NFL.

That is where the question lies now.  Is there a team, including the Chargers, that is willing to take a chance on a guy that has so many knee issues?  It pains me to say this, but I cannot imagine any team taking that risk, not even at the league minimum.  I genuinely hope that I am incredibly wrong.

What do you think?  Will Danario Alexander get another shot in the NFL?  Or is he now a former player that will be forced to sit back and dream about what could have been?  Let me know your thoughts below in the comment section.  Thanks a lot for reading.


Booga Peters


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