With the Chargers season being over, Tom Telesco gets to oversee his second offseason in San Diego. Overall, it’s safe to say that he captained an organization that was in desperate need of a confidence boost.  He made a great initial impression last year mainly due to a great draft and commitment to an overhaul in culture in San Diego.  Due to those to things, there are fewer off-season worries than usual even with such a small sample size of what the new front office is capable of.

Obviously it is far too soon to grade Telesco. No matter how good or bad he is doing, right now it is still clear that there is definitely a fresh new breeze roaming the San Diego air which gives fans heightened sense of hope for the future of the organization.  Not only has the GM come in and done well, but so has fellow first timer head coach Mike McCoy who led the team to a commendable 9-7 record and 10-8 overall including the playoffs.

Continuing the trend of “first-timers”, Keenan Allen cannot be ignored as a key part of the Chargers success this season.  His 71 catches for over 1,000 receiving and 8 touchdowns had him as one of the top candidates for NFL’s Rookie of the Year.  Additionally, 1st round draft pick DJ Fluker proved to be well worth the pick and was, perhaps, the best offensive linemen in the entire 2013 draft class.

In all, this season was a tremendous step forward for this team as it sets in place a different culture in the league.  Many pieces who were “rookies” within the organization stepped up to the plate and answered when their respective moments came.  There is definitely more room for improvement as others will have their time to shine while those who did this year strive to make it a habit.


Jarvis Royall

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