Can any of you smell that?  That’s the smell of playoff football in the air.  Having our San Diego Chargers be a part of that postseason-aroma is incredibly satisfying.  But is it enough?  Is just being in the playoffs enough after missing the dance the previous three seasons?

To answer that question quite simply, no.  Sure, I did not view this team as a playoff-caliber squad back in May.  Despite predicting a 7-9 team with the capability of sneaking out a victory or two on top of that and sneaking into the postseason, I was certainly leaning toward the 7-9 mark.

What a difference a season makes.

The Chargers just so happen to be the team that many experts are proclaiming as the team no one wants to play.  Although they came in as the sixth seed, the Bolts are perhaps the hottest team still going, save San Francisco.  As we all know, the Chargers travel to Denver for their third contest of the 2013 season.  The teams split victories in the regular season.  But it wouldn’t have mattered to me if the Broncos had swept San Diego in the regular season had the Chargers still made the playoffs.  This is the game that counts.  This is the game where the Bolts can get one step closer to that ever so elusive Super bowl appearance.

Despite having been to the big game once before, this Charger squad seems to me to have a much better chance at advancing, and perhaps, bringing home the hardware that everyone in the league works so hard for throughout the year.  If you haven’t guessed it yet, my expectation for our Chargers is for them to make us the most proud that they ever have in all of their years as a football organization.  It is an expectation that carries on this week to Mile High.  Like the venue for the game, my expectation is, indeed, a mile-high.

If this team is the team of destiny that we all keep hearing about, then perhaps that trophy with the gleam will be hoisted in New York by the boys from San Diego.  And what a feeling that would be.  I am not sure I can even imagine it.  Maybe, just maybe, I won’t have to imagine it.  Perhaps we will all get to be a part of history.  But that all starts by getting this win in Denver on Sunday.


Booga Peters


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