It is no secret that the Chargers lost a few games that they had no business losing.  We have all gone over those losses and I feel that we won’t accomplish anything by rehashing events that cannot be changed.  Let us, instead, focus on this Sunday and what needs to happen for the Bolts to venture into the postseason for the first time since the 2009 campaign.

San Diego is going to need a little help in the form of both a Baltimore loss and a Miami Loss.  The teams face the Bengals and the Jets respectively.  It is my opinion that those contests are toss-ups as far as who could ultimately end up the victor.  For Charger fans, the hope is that the team from America’s finest city proves to win due to victories by Cincinnati and New York.  Oh, yeah. San Diego must then win their matchup versus the Kansas City Chiefs.

The game at Qualcomm has, perhaps, been overlooked due to the Charger win at Arrowhead earlier this season.  Despite the rumors that Andy Reid may rest many of his starters – as his coaching track record shows – you just never know until the game is being played.

Even if the Chiefs are playing their backups and their backup’s backups, the Chargers must play this game like it’s a playoff game. Because, quite frankly, it is a playoff game, in theory.

I feel confident that I can speak on behalf of every Charger fan that this playoff drought must come to an end.  Although many of us did not peg this team as a playoff-caliber team, with a little bit of help, they have indeed positioned themselves to possibly receive an invitation to the dance.  A dance that has taken place for three consecutive years without your San Diego Chargers.

Is it time for the fans of the Chargers to have something to root for during the playoffs?  That is not something that I can answer. But, we will all know soon enough.

For those of you that don’t know, I was lucky enough to get a press pass for the game against Kansas City.  I’ll be up in the box with the rest of the media.  At the conclusion of the game, I’ll be attending the post-game press conference.  I’ll be doing a quick article tonight that will allow you to leave your questions for the players and coaches that will be stepping to the podium.

Additionally, make sure you’re following me on Twitter, @BoogaP.  I’ll have live in-game updates regarding plays, stats, injuries etc.  Be sure to check out BoltBlitz.com for articles and posts this weekend, too.  I’ll be providing the most in-depth coverage that time permits while on this week 17 visit to San Diego.  I look forward to getting you as much information as possible.


Booga Peters



3 Responses to San Diego’s playoff fate could be known before game versus KC

  • Yes it’s a fact that it’s no need to look back on the games we should have won. However, I hope that the coaching staff as well as the players learn from these mistakes and build on them. I am proud of this team and see potential in the coming years.Playoffs or not I have faith in the new management and the team. GO BOLTS !!!

  • As much as I would love to be at any Chargers game, I am an east coast fan who lives in Hampton, VA. You only see a few Charger fans on this side as everyone is either Redskins, Cowboys or Giants. They think I’m crazy for being a Charger fan. However, as we get better year after year then I can start beating my chest and saying talk trash about my boys now. As I said earlier, I am proud of the Chargers this year. If we had only beat those sorry Redskins with the score and clock on our side,I could be 100% satisfied this year. That was a gift, and I looked at is as poor coaching.Looking forward to the playoffs in the soon coming years. GO BOLTS!!!

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