It is so hard in this social media-driven day and age to determine whether or not a twitter conversation is to be taken seriously.  In the case below, it is entirely possible that the player’s tweets in this post are to rile up the very likes of blogs such as this one.  But considering the widespread talk of issues and discord in the locker room, perhaps we’re not reading into anything at all.

The tweets in this post are from Donald Butler, Jarret Johnson and Ladarius Green.  Green simply posts a picture of the weather in KC.

I’ll leave it to you, the readers, to decide if these guys are playing around or not.  Take a look.





Seems innocent enough at this point, right? No big deal. Just a couple of players jabbing at each other a little bit about the weather. And then there’s a reaction tweet from Donald Butler.



The first tweet is obviously from rising star and tight end, Ladarius Green.  Then you see a comment from Butler, followed by a response from Johnson.  It all seemed like fun and games up to that point.  But then the curve ball in the equation is thrown by the former Washington Huskie.  He seems to call out Jarret Johnson.  Butler then proceeds to tell Bront Bird that he should be in the playbook and that they are being a “distraction” on Twitter.

There has already been talk among the media that there are problems in the Charger locker room.  If this exchange of tweets is not a complete farce, or jab at the same media members reporting such a rift at Chargers Park, then it appears as though the problems in San Diego are not just on the field.


I am really hoping that my gut is correct and there is no problem among the players.  This could easily be a situation where the players are using social media to toy with the emotions of those that get paid to write about it.  The good news here, I don’t make a penny for running this site.  I am just trying to keep all the Charger fans informed.  We’ll keep an eye on this and see if anything materializes from here on out.


Booga Peters


UPDATE:  I spoke to Michael Gehlken of UT San Diego and he informed me that this is a non-story.  That is, obviously, great news to hear. 

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