In the middle of a losing streak it’s easy to focus on the negative.  The question I’d like to pose is are the Chargers better than they should be?  Given the roster turnover, injuries and overall talent; should this team have a worse record than they do?  Some of the stats will speak for themselves, but the data suggests this year is very similar to the 8-8 year of 2011.

The 2013 Chargers

  • Averaging 22.8 points per game
  • The offense is averaging 6.1 yards per play
  • The turnover differential is -6
  • They’ve outscored opponents 228 – 222
  • Time of possession is near 33 minutes per game

The first thing to note is the 6.1 yards per play.  In researching on, the closest the Chargers had come to that in previous years was 2009 where they averaged 6.0 yards per play.  Really shows the offensive efficiency (outside of the red zone) that they have had.  It’s an impressive number considering the running back by committee, patchwork offensive line and starting a rookie wide receiver (who is amazing and deserves to be starting).

The other thing is the point differential.  They are a couple plays away from being 7-3.  Now you can argue the three teams they lost to late in games have bad records.  But that Houston roster was the same team that made the playoffs last year.  No one had picked the Chargers to win or even be in that game.  The Redskins are a tough team having a bad year and also were a playoff team last year.

That brings me to my last point.  This team has been in every game or at least fought back to make each game close.  Their only double-digit loss this year was to Oakland.  That game was a stinker all the way around.  But despite a bad defense, this team has focused on the strength of their offense and controlling the clock.

I’m not saying this team is playoff bound, but with Coach McCoy has done with the talent on this team is pretty remarkable.  Outside of the Oakland game, the Chargers have had a chance to win every game.  I truly believe it has more to do with overall talent of this team, and once they have more of it, we should see more wins.

Thanks for reading.

Justin Holmerud


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