Rivers Sad

The Chargers gave us every reason to believe they were some kind of different from seasons past.  It seemed for a second that the new regime that was brought in really brought in a refreshing aura to the team.  This team is still bad.  Very bad.  Before any Chargers fans close this article, allow me to explain.

Going into our bye week we were 4-3 and 2 flags going the other way would have put us at 6-1.  This team surprised me as I had little expectations from a new head coach, general manager, offense, etc.  3 weeks after the bye, I am finally seeing the team I have been dreading to watch.  No matter how fresh the smell of a new front office and staff overhaul, this team still stinks of an old era.  Injuries are somewhat an uncontrollable factor, however the depth (or lack of) left to Coach McCoy has forced him to put unlikely players in unexpected situations.  San Diego had shown for a while that they could stumble into the playoffs due in part to a rather weak AFC season.  Now comes my next “Is this guy even a Charger fan” statement.

While it is highly improbable, it is still possible to make the playoffs.  I vote we don’t.  I even vote we finish the season terribly.  You never want to lose to the Raiders twice so I want to beat them, but if this team wins 6 or 7 games I will get worried for the future.  The Chargers are known for turning around bad seasons in the name of pride to finish with a somewhat respectable record.

This will leave us with a middle of the pack draft pick, get us an average player, and then “rinse, wash, and repeat”.  We need a top-tier draft pick in order to bring some major change into our locker room.  These things are difficult to do when drafting from 16, 18, etc.


Jarvis “I Really Do Like The Chargers” Royall

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