The last six weeks do not look good for the Chargers. Heading to Kansas City, the 4-6 Chargers find their backs against the wall just to finish .500 for the season. Even my original prediction of 7-9 is a stretch as that would require .500 ball the rest of the way.

Here’s how I see the final six weeks playing out:

11/24 @ Kansas City (L). The patchwork offensive line will be no match for the Chiefs’ front seven. Kansas City’s defense leads the league with 36 sacks after nine games. They sack the opposing quarterback once every nine pass attempts. On offense, they run for an average of 119 yards per game against a defense that simply can’t tackle. For those who say the Chiefs “haven’t played anybody”, they are 6-1 against common opponents. The Chargers’ record against those same opponents is 3-4.

12/1 @ Cincinnati (L). If they can’t beat KC, how are they going to beat Cincy with A.J. Green, who is just as good as Dwayne Bowe, if not better?

12/8 NY Giants (W). I’ll give them this one. Chargers are 2-0 against Eli Manning and the Giants have been out of sync all season.

12/12 @ Denver (L). No way, Jose.

12/22 Raiders (W). They’ll have ten days to lick their wounds after going to Denver. Pride game.

12/29 Kansas City (L). See 11/24

This puts the Chargers at 6-10. They could have hit 7-9 with a win in Miami, but they couldn’t get out of their own way.  Hopefully, this team will at least show some heart.  To tank for the sake of draft position is something I really hope we don’t see.

On the bright side, pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training in less than 90 days! At least then, Padres fans can criticize the baseball version of Norv Turner!


Mike Pisciotta


3 Responses to Final Six-week Forecast

  • Hector Padilla says:

    KC will have 5th seed locked up on last game and SD will be at home, SD takes that one, not to mention Rivers dominates in December for whatever reason. If the Chargers can avoid a 5 game losing streak, they finish 4-2 in last 6 games. I’m thinking they will find a way to beat KC this week or Cincy. 8-8 finish right in the thick of things. They don’t beat Denver on 12/12.

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