After seven weeks, the Chargers find themselves more banged up than a lot of Demolition Derby cars. They’re on the verge of putting the water boy in a uniform to fill out the offensive line. Chad Rinehart was deactivated again Sunday with his toe injury. Steve Schilling didn’t play because of a neck issue. Mike Harris is done for the year on Reserve/Injured. King Dunlap left the contest with a concussion. His replacement, Mike Remmers, left the game with an ankle injury. Nick Becton was inactive. Linebackers Donald Butler and Jarrett Johnson both missed their second consecutive game. This team is aching and banged up. For them, and the rest of the Chargers M.A.S.H. unit, the bye couldn’t come at a better time.

Not so fast! The Chargers have won two straight. Admittedly, one against the downtrodden Jacksonville Jaguars. Both the offense and defense are, dare I say, on a roll. Philip Rivers is looking like the 2007 version of himself. Ryan Mathews has run for two consecutive 100 yard games and also broke his rushing touchdown drought against the Jags. The defense has allowed 15 points in two games, all on field goals. In the words of Crash Davis, “don’t f**k with a streak, meat.”

This week off is needed, but at a terrible time. The team is banged up, but it’s on a roll. Having the bye around mid-season is great because you’re resting and recovering at the half-way point. But what about the momentum? How will the bye affect the momentum the Chargers clearly have right now?  Only time will tell.


Mike Pisciotta

One Response to Perfect Time for the Bye Week… or is it??

  • I try to be optimistic, but to be honest I was getting a little worried about all the Oline injuries. Yes we did have momentum and the offence seemed to be on a roll, but had we played this week and had another Oline injury, I think all that momentum would have stopped. And the possibility of #17 on his back or running (and I use that term loosely) for his life could have a negative affect on the rest of the season. I think the bye week came at a perfect time, I just hope 1 week is enough to get everyone healthy.

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