After winning the Pepsi Next “Rookie of the week” in week 6, Keenan Allen is receiving notoriety at both the San Diego and national levels. He has been a top 5 fantasy football league addition on all of the major websites.

But is it possible that, perhaps, fellow first-year player DJ Fluker is having a better rookie campaign than the former Cal Golden Bear?  I believe that not only can an argument be made to support Fluker is having just as good of a year, but one could maintain that 76 has had a better year than Keenan.

So, this is where you come in.  In an effort to not influence anyone’s voting, I am not going to elaborate on my feelings of this subject.

Most of you know the drill.  Place your vote and leave a comment at the bottom stating why you voted the way you did.  I am very curious to see how this vote plays out.  Keenan may be getting all of the attention, but it could be argued that Fluker is having the best season thus far for any rookie offensive linemen.  But the question remains, who is the best Charger rookie thus far?


Which rookie is having a better year?

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Thanks a lot for reading and voting.


Booga Peters



3 Responses to Poll: Which rookie is having a better year, Fluker or Keenan?

  • Cris martz says:

    For Keenan Allen being 3rd round pick, he deserves a tremendous amount of credit! He’s pushing an absolute first round talent and so much more!!

  • Although Fluker is having a great year and has been pushing defenses around, he has been beat a couple of times and also got caught with both feet together and ended up on his butt. I’m not putting DJ down by any means, as a Rookie or even a vet these things are going to happen. I just think Allen has been playing alike a vet and I can only remember 1 dropped ball. Both players deserve a ton of credit for what they have done this early in their careers.

  • OPBolt says:

    Better year to date – DJ. If DJ isn’t good on every snap, everyone sees it and Keenan probably doesn’t get the ball. If Keenan isn’t good on plays going to another player, how many fans really notice? I know its all about scoring points, but that can only be done when the QB’s support structure is stabilized. For a metric, consider how much better each is at their position, right now, than what was there last year. Keenan is really good, and has tremendous up-side, but right now is not a great leap better than Alexander/Floyd were last year. DJ is a huge leap forward from last year.

    If he can stay healthy and on a team with a good QB (hopefully in SD) over the course of a career, Keenan can be one of the best. DJ may also be one of those.

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