The Chargers are one game away from their bye week and at 3-3, the Week 7 match up in Jacksonville will be more important than you think.

Considering that Jacksonville is at 0-6, every team who is slated to play the Jaguars deem it as a win before kickoff, a “gimme” if you will.  A Charger fan knows there is no such thing.  2012 memories still burn bright in my mind of giving the the 0-4 New Orleans Saints their first victory of the season for everyone to see on Sunday Night Football.  Though the level of competition between last year’s Saints and this year’s Jaguars may differ.  The situation is similar,  the Jaguars will give their best punch this Sunday, hoping to continue to the tradition of the Chargers playing down to lesser competition.

After our bye, 5 of our last 9 games will be division games; including 2 meetings each against undefeated Denver as well as undefeated Kansas City.

As if it didn’t matter before, every win counts, and that starts with JAX.  The Chargers will be in a far better position at 4-3 than 3-4. That is, of course, if you are a playoff optimist as opposed to a “top draft choice” hopeful.

Either way, who wants to be made fun of for losing to the Jaguars?

Here’s to a win! Here’s to health! And here’s to great vibes heading into a bye week with a Landover, MD trip on the way (see you there?)!


Jarvis Royall

2 Responses to It’s a trap!

  • Sometimes I think the Chargers have two teams. We lose to the sorry teams (Oakland) and beat the good teams (Colts). Please let the want to win team play today as it would be a shame and a disgrace to lose to the Jaguars.Go bolts ! Play like you know, you have some tough games ahead.

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