The Chargers have found the strategy tailor made for them.  San Diego’s offense held on to the ball for 38 minutes, which is just short of 2/3 of the game.  The biggest reason I woke up with a smile on Tuesday morning is that Ryan Mathews ran for 100 yards!  Yes! The Bolts have not seen a 100 yard rusher (Ryan Mathews) since December 11, 2011!

Ryan Mathews’ 22 carries for 102 yards averages out to 4.6 yards per touch.  Woodhead also chipped in with 4 yards a touch as he registered 9 carries for 36 yards.

Being able to run the football so well is what allowed us to dominate the time of possession.  A touchdown and 4 field goals will not usually win many football games, but it will when you keep the opposing offense on the field for just 20 minutes.  The Chargers converted 7-14 3rd downs as opposed to Indianapolis converting just 2 out of 10.  Of the Chargers’ 24 first downs of the night, 8 of them came by way of the ground game.

With an injury plagued defense like ours, this is the ultimate recipe for success.  Long drives that end in points will go a long way for this team.  Running the ball effectively is a key to long drives.  Boil it all down and the crucial part of our teams success is our run game


Jarvis Royall

2 Responses to Winning Formula

  • OPBolt says:

    Jarvis – I concur, it was a good scheme and fun to watch.

    In the long term, however, while they might squeeze out a win or two like against the Colts, this scheme requires SCORING TOUCHDOWNS to be regularly effective. Let’s be realistic, our defensive backs haven’t been able to cover anyone all year, so it is unlikely they will be able to cover anyone in the future. Seriously, didn’t you feel like – Oh no, deja vu` all over again – when the Colts had the ball, even after we scored the last FG? Our best pass defense was the ball control offense (and the reappearance of the run game), a pretty good pass rushing game plan and dropped balls. If two of those were caught it would probably have been a significantly different game, with almost no difference in TOP. When we play good QBs, who can go 80 yds in four or five plays and score, we better not leave any points on the field when we have our chances.

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