It’s quite a fickle world we live in.  It almost seems that play to play this team is either playoff bound or headed for the first pick in the 2014 draft.  But after two years of good play (but not up to his standards) #17 has his swagger back.

All offseason we heard “Philip Rivers needs to be fixed.”  Now 4 games is a small sample size.  But let’s look at the numbers.  Through the first 4 games, Rivers has completed 74% of his passes and he’s averaging 8.4 yards per throw.  There’s only one player who is playing more out of his mind than Rivers and that’s Manning.  But people expect Manning to be elite, most thought Rivers was flat-out done and broken.

Credit can be given to the new coaching staff and the great play calling of Coach Whisenhunt.  It’s been a lot  of taking what the defense gives you and taking shots when they are there (the Gates TD pass was a perfect example of that).  Most importantly, Rivers is confident and the coaches have focused on getting him in a rhythm early in the game.

So sure, you can say that Rivers needed to be “fixed” but maybe more of the issue was play calling and how the previous coaches were forcing the ball down the field when they shouldn’t have.

Not only is Rivers off to the best start of his career, but he’s the 3rd quarterback in Chargers history to throw 200 touchdowns.  Let’s stop the madness of saying Rivers needs to be fixed or we need to find another franchise quarterback.  Even after he throws a pick 6 (off a tipped pass).  Franchise QBs don’t grow on trees; if they did, every team would have one.  Clearly, #17 didn’t need to be fixed.  Perhaps it was coaching all along.

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