In a move reported via Marty Caswell, the Chargers have released Fozzy Whittaker and moved OL Nick Becton up from the practice squad. Although Whittaker has had little impact in the running game, he has been the starter at Kick Returner for the Bolts.  This most likely means that either Eddie Royal or Keenan Allen will see duties returning kicks.

Also worth noting, as mentioned in the tweet below, this does not bode well for the health of King Dunlap.




The Chargers are banged up at a lot of positions and are having to improvise a bit.  As if the team didn’t already have their work cut out for them versus the Cowboys on Sunday.  Though Dunlap’s status has been up in the air, I was holding out hope for a return in what is a big game despite it only being week 4.  The difference between being 1-3 and 2-2 is much bigger than the record would indicate.


Booga Peters

6 Responses to Fozzy Whittaker released and Nick Becton signed from practice squad

  • Chargers are known for letting good players go. I am so sorry to hear that Fozzy is gone and I hope he can return one day. He is a player for the future and he may come back w/ some other team to haunt the chargers.

  • big vin says:

    Fozz was the perfect kick return man. If he got hurt,which they all do at some point, the impact on your offense is minimal. Now with Royal or Allen. The injury to either one will cause a lot of shuffling.
    I wish Fozzy the best. Hard working guy who deserves a shot.

  • They will probably put him on the practice squad in place of Becton, that’s what makes sense to me. And this isn’t AJ’s team anymore so we shouldn’t expect stupid roster moves until TT gives us a reason too. So far that hasn’t been the case. Go Boltz!!!

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