Some teams are beginning to report their cuts and there will no doubt be a few names the Chargers should be looking to add depth to this team.  The key positions are: OL, DL, WR, OLB, anyone who can play Special Teams and perhaps CB if Patricks’ injury is serious.  I don’t know if any of the below players will be cut.  I’m just going off roster projections, performance and a few guys who may fit in with the team and playing couch GM.  I’ll leave it to the real guys to make the decisions.


Dontay Moch – Cincinatti Bengals
He is listed as a DE but could transition to OLB in the 3-4 as he’s listed at 6’3″ and 255 lbs.  Mochs’ name has been floated in a potential trade this morning.  He’s a former 3rd round pick and perhaps most importantly, his special teams play in the preseason has been in the top 10 according to Pro Football Focus.

Nathan Stupar – San Francisco 49ers
The Chargers saw this guy in person last night and he was all over the field on special teams and on defense.  He racked up 7 tackles last night and is in the top 20 on special teams this preseason.  He just happens to find himself on a team that’s very very deep.  Not sure he’s better than Bird or DJ Smith, but a good player all around.


Ramses Barden – New York Giants
Barden has the size that Rivers loves.  He’s listed at 6’6″ and 224lbs, also a 3rd round pick out of Cal Poly.   He’s been buried on the Giants depth chart that has had Nicks, Cruz, Manningham and now Randle throughout the years.  He has 29 career receptions but for a healthy average of 13.6 yards per reception.  Could be a nice fit with his speed and size to be coached up.

Kassim Osgood – San Francisco 49ers
Yes…Reunited.  Osgood is still one of the best special teamers in the game.  He’s not going to be an offensive threat, but his special teams ability is very good.  Another player the Chargers saw up close last night.


Jake Scott – Detroit Lions
Was a starter for the Titans in 2011 and ranked as the 7th best guard in the NFL that year on over 1000 snaps.  Last year, was limited to playing only 7 games and signed a 1 year deal with the Lions.  Could be on his way out, but in the preseason has played both left and right guard and done really well in the running game.  At 32, is a veteran that should have some left in the tank.

Tim Lelito – New Orleans Saints
He’s an undrafted rookie, but he’s had a great preseason.  Coaches speak highly of him, but may come down to a numbers game.  Could be the 54th guy.  Not big on bringing in an unproven rookie, but he’s had a good camp and is one of the top guards in the NFL this preseason.


Daniel Muir – Houston Texans
This one seems like a no brainer.  He has a history with Tom Telesco (played for the Colts) and he plays for the Chargers first opponent currently.  It was reported he was getting his hand looked at after the 4th preseason game, but seems like he would be a great fit if he’s cut.

Ricardo Mathews or Lawrence Guy – Indianapolis Colts
Both these guys are on the cusp of the 53 man roster and both have ties to Tom Telesco.  Mathews has had the better preseason of the two, but both would be a potential upgrade along the DLine.


5 Responses to Potential Players on Chargers Radar

  • Kyle Pardue says:

    That’d be pretty cool to have Kassim Osgood back on the team…especially with how our ST have looked so far.

    • Justin Holmerud says:

      I think it makes a lot of sense. Goodman may be fast, but Osgood is much better as a gunner.

  • OPBolt says:

    Meachem is still the critical path decision before trying for any of these guys. Don’t know if Osgood is the best decision, but I do know this team will need to milk their ST for every ounce of field position, momentum shift, and turnovers they can to help their fragile offensive and defensive teams. If they keep giving those things to the other teams they play, well, just remember the Oakland game a couple of years ago. Osgood showed why he isn’t a good receiver on Thursday, but I suspect he can block better than Addae.

      • Justin Holmerud says:

        Yep…he’s actually had two bad plays on ST that led to blocks. He whiffed on the first one, and this one didn’t get a good block on him. Osgood would be a good gunner, I think Addae can learn and be coached up. We will see.

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