The position battle at Left Tackle appears to be all over but the crying.  Unbeknownst to some, not this blogger, the Max Starks experiment is turning out to be the acquisition of a backup linemen.  Depth is necessary all over this roster.  Please don’t mistake that I find it crucial to have guys that can come in when the team suffers injuries with guys being poor signings.  I’ve just never been a fan of Starks.

To put it quite simply, the performance of King Dunlap has been head and shoulders above that of the ex-Steeler Starks.  I’m not sure that is saying much and, perhaps, shows that San Diego might not have properly addressed the Left Tackle position during this offseason.

Truth be told, the team did not have sufficient money to sign a big-name free agent to protect the blindside of Philip Rivers.  The fact that the top 3 Offensive tackles went in the first 4 picks of the 2013 draft forced the team to forego addressing the spot with a rookie to man it.

Dunlap has performed well throughout training camp and the preseason.  He is not going to be confused for being an All-Pro Tackle but as long as the only time you hear his name is during the starting lineup then he is doing his job well.

I should add that Mike McCoy has yet to name a starter at Left Tackle but it has seemed as though it is a foregone conclusion for the past few weeks.

Just for fun, I found a few tweets of mine that I sent out the day that Starks was signed.  According to many, the top tweet was breaking news although I was solely checking Starks’ Twitter account due to the release of Kevin Haslam.

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