Game 3.

Widely viewed as the dress rehearsal and the game in which the starters play the longest.  With a new coach, we don’t really know.  How long will the starters play?  Can they generate some consistency on offense and create turnovers on defense?  More story lines developing this week as we head towards some critical roster decisions.  Roster will drop down to 75 players this week.  Here’s what to watch for tonight.


Coaching and GM

  • This should be the week we see a little more game planning as it could be seen as the dress rehearsal for the regular season
  • Depth continues to be a big question mark for this team.  Injuries have really emphasized that lack of depth.  Will Richard Marshall see the field as the latest addition to replace Steve Williams
  • While Mike McCoy has said that they aren’t playing the starters on special teams, the unit has been a nightmare


  • The first unit was again very impressive with Liuget on the field.  This group needs to prove it can be dominant without him
  • It looks like Te’o may not be back until the regular season, Bront Bird and DJ Smith appear to be separating themselves from the rest
  • Cox has started to make some plays in practice, hoping to see this translate to the field tonight.  Fitzgerald will prove to be another challenge for this unit after facing Marshall last year.
  • Gilchrist was somewhat invisible last week, which was both good and bad.  Would love to see him make a couple plays.
  • We saw two sacks on the first 3 plays last week, would love to see more consistent pressure throughout the game.


  • No Alexander, Floyd or Royal.  We may be looking at Allen and Brown as the starters.
  • The wide receivers didn’t catch a pass until the 2nd quarter last week, need to get them involved earlier in the game.
  • Where’s Woodhead?  We thought we might see him last week, hoping he’s a go this week.
  • Keenan Allen has been a trusted target of Rivers, seems to be getting stronger every week.  Can he continue that trend?
  • Rivers bailed out Starks on 1090 this week about the sack saying he went too deep in the pocket, Dunlap still seems to be the more consistent option.  Does that trend continue?
  • The protection last week wasn’t very good.  Needs to be much better and provide Rivers more time.  Fluker looked really good in the running game.  Excited to see if he can improve this week-to-week in the passing game.
  • Ryan Mathews…so good so far I took him in my fantasy league.  He’s running hard and looking very strong.
  • How busy is Mike Scifres?  Hopefully the offense finds consistency and establishes a nice rhythm early.
  • Ladarius Green has been a bright spot catching touchdowns from both backups.  Does he get some time with Rivers this week?
  • Mike Willie had a great week, consistency is key for him to ensure he makes this team.
  • Robert Meachem – even with the injuries, he’s still a question mark.  Had 1 catch last week late.
  • Second string O-Line – Troutman may not make this team.  Will be interested to see who takes snaps at center and guard.

Special Teams

  • If this is the dress rehearsal, do we see some of the potential starters play on this unit.

Look forward to recapping the game on Sunday.

Go Bolts!

Justin Holmerud

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