For all of you football fans/Charger fans (or part time Charger fans) that question our man under center, here’s some food for thought. Philip Rivers is the one of the most successful quarterbacks in Charger’s history. How does he compare to other Charger’s quarterbacks? I’m glad you asked.


John Hadl played for the Chargers for 10 seasons (1962-1972) and had 114 starts. Hadle threw for over 33,000 yards and ended his career with only a 67.4 QB rating but from 1966-1969 he threw for over 3000 yards and averaged 23 touchdowns per season. (14 game seasons back then).


Dan Fouts was the most illustrious and longest tenured quarterback in Charger’s history. He played for San Diego for 15 seasons (1973-1987) and had 171 starts. Fouts threw for over 43,000 yards and ended up with an 80.2 QB rating.


Stan Humphries played for the Chargers for 6 seasons and is the only quarterback to lead the Chargers to a Superbowl appearance. Humphries threw for over 17,000 and ended with a QB rating of 75.8.


Drew Brees only played four years for San Diego but being one of the best quarterbacks in the league, I couldn’t leave him off this list. During his four years in San Diego, Brees’ career was quite productive with the 2003 campaign being his worst. That year he lost the starting role to Doug Flutie. The 2005 season, Brees QB rating was a respectable 89.2 which was 10th best in the league.

At the end of the 2005 season, Brees tore his labrum, an injury most athletes rarely come back from if at all. By this time, Philip Rivers is on the roster getting paid big bucks. It was an easy decision for A.J. Smith. Schottenheimer wanted to keep him but Smith said no. Wonder what he would have done had Brees stayed healthy. We all know how his career turned out since then already having won a Superbowl and surpassing Dan Marino’s single season passing record for one of only two teams that was willing to take a chance on him.


Philip Rivers has been on the Charger’s roster now for going on 10 seasons. During the 7 years behind center, Rivers has started every single game. That’s 112 straight starts. Incredible. During those 7 years, Rivers has amassed 27,891 passing yards, a 63.6 completion percentage and a 94.5 QB rating, the best in Chargers history and # 6 on the NFL career all time passing list. In comparison, Joe Montana ended his career with a 92.3 QB rating and a 63.2 completion percentage.

How can anyone argue those numbers?

I’ll take Rivers as my QB any day.


Randy Mainwaring

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