NFL quarterbacks don’t wear gloves during a game as a fashion statement. Even though they may help keep their hands warm during the winter months, that is not their primary reason for wearing them.

As you know controlling the ball is one of the prime objectives of this game and that’s not easy to do with an object that is a “pointed prolate sphere”.

Don’t worry, I have no plans to drag you through a high school geometry course but as most of you know a football is not easy to control or throw for that matter.  These gloves that some quarterbacks wear, called tact gloves, have a sticky rubber palm that helps give them a better grip on the ball providing them more control.

Now, as Charger fans we know that it is illegal to put any additional kind of gel or “stick ’ems” on these gloves to increase the stickiness.  However, even without gels or stick ’ems these gloves provide the extra control necessary to provide pinpoint accuracy.

In order to test this theory my son and I went to the local sporting good store to try these gloves out.  Once I found stickiest ones I could find I rushed down the adjacent aisle to find a football.  I was amazed at the level of control these gloves provided me.  As an example, I could take the ball by the end and hold onto it with 2 fingers without fumbling it to the ground.  And even though the store manager didn’t appreciate it, I had to send my son long down the aisle to see just how well I could throw the ball with these gloves on.  As you can imagine I threw a perfect strike and one of the tightest spirals that I’ve ever thrown.  There’s no doubt that wearing these gloves gives quarterbacks better control of the oddly shaped ball.

As we all know last year Philip Rivers threw 15 interceptions, mind you a lot of them were thrown under duress.  However, after he put the tact gloves on for the last 4 games he didn’t throw a single pick and he raised his passer rating by 20 points.  When asked, Philip said “good chance” he wears gloves in 2013.  Now we didn’t see the glove on his throwing hand in the first two preseason games so you have to wonder is Philip toying with the idea “to glove, or not to glove”?  I guess we’ll have to wait and see but my bet is we’ll see both gloves very soon.


Eric Borchers
Editor’s Note:  Thanks go out to Eric for contributing this piece to the site.  If you like it, leave a comment at the bottom and help in my effort of trying to get him to agree to be on the staff!  -B

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