I am working on an article that will state my opinion regarding the topic in the title.  That piece will be posted either tonight or tomorrow. But I am leaving the question to you.

Could the 2013 campaign be the best yet for former first round pick Ryan Mathews?  Although we have only had a limited sample size thus far in the preseason, there seems to be a few things that are different about the fourth year running back.

It certainly doesn’t hurt his chances that it appears as though the Offensive line has improved from last year.  This year’s group can’t really be any worse than what was put on the field in 2012.

As mentioned above, I’ll be breaking down Mathews’ chances of having a career year in a post in the very near future.

You all know the drill.  Place you vote below and tell me why you voted the way you did in the comment section.


Is Ryan Mathews primed for a career year?

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Thanks a lot for reading and voting.


Booga Peters

2 Responses to Poll: Is Ryan Mathews primed for a career year?

  • Bonnie Mata says:

    If the line steps up and protects Ryan and if Rivers is willing to throw to him when he is in the open Ryan will be able to do his job. Go Ryan we believe in you.

    • Booga Peters
      BoogaP says:

      Thanks a lot for the comment, Bonnie. And I completely agree. I’m finishing up my response to the question in the title right now as we speak. The article will be posted tonight or tomorrow morning.

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