This was initially written on August 14th.


A little bird flew by my window the other day and informed me that Byron Jerideau has suffered a torn rotator cuff.  It is not a complete tear, but it is a tear nonetheless.

Although the odds of him making the 53-man roster were somewhere between slim and none, it would not have been unreasonable to believe the he would be selected to the practice squad.

Jerideau is a former collegiate teammate of Chargers Outside Linebacker Melvin Ingram.  It appears as though their second stint as co-workers could be coming to an abrupt halt.  There is always the possibility that the team opts for an injury settlement with the undrafted free agent which would then make him an ex-Charger.

The Bolts have had a serious case of the injury bug in recent years.  It seems as though the 2013 season is no different and perhaps might be approaching new heights by the time the regular season rolls around.


UPDATE:  Today, Byron Jerdieau was placed on the injured reserve.  Nice to know that I have a solid, inside source.


Booga Peters


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