If you read Booga’s article earlier today, “Charger fans: Step away from the ledge”, I would like to add to that a little and give you my take on last night’s game against the Seahawks.

I’ll have to agree with Booga in that as I watched the game and commented back and forth to many Charger fans on Facebook, they were very upset. I had to remind everyone that it’s only preseason. I also went on to tell fans that the Chargers can’t fix the weak areas unless they know what they are. In addition, I reminded folks that the Patriots and the Packers went 0-4 during preseason and went on to win a Super bowl during those same year. That’s not to say the Chargers will win a Super bowl this season however, it is to say that preseason means absolutely NOTHING other than to evaluate players.

I saw some bright spots as well as weaknesses last night. I’ll go through what I saw and you guys feel free to comment.

Bright spots:

The first team offense marched right down the field on our first drive which I think could have been  a touchdown had McCoy gone for a second 4th and 1 on said drive. Instead he went for the field goal. Ryan Mathews looked great on that drive. Antonio Gates and John Phillips both had big receptions as well. We also saw Eddie Royal with a couple of touches and even Keenan Allen had a reception to help the drive. Chad Rinehart did a nice job for the O-line opening up holes for the running backs. And last but not least, Philip Rivers looked sharp. You can forget what the naysayers are saying about him.

Our first team defense looked pretty good as well, stalling Seattle’s first drive. You can forget what the naysayers are saying about Dwight Freeney too. I saw him completely dominate Seattle’s offensive tackle, Breno Giacomini. No spin moves or fancy dancing, he just bull rushed Giacomini several times. I was impressed. Jarret Johnson did a nice job setting the edges to contain the Seahawks running game as well.

A lot of the second teamers and Rookies looked impressive as well. I liked the way Fozzy Whitaker was running the ball. I knew he would bust one loose (a run) after watching his first couple  of touches. He’s quick and decisive.

David Molk did a nice job although he has to work on mental mistakes.

Steve Williams also did a nice job on coverage for the most part, although he did get burned for two touchdowns. You have to admit, those passes would have been difficult for any Cornerback to defend.

Areas that need work:

Here we go again with Robert Meachem. He didn’t drop any passes but he was running his routes incorrectly. Seems the coaching staff is trying to find a spot for him, using him for kickoff returns. At least Eddie Royal is showing more promise. Meachum still looks like a bust.

Josh Johnson, the rookie cornerback that was assigned punt return duties last night. Yikes. He better put some stickum on those hands or something (illegal, I know). He muffed his first attempt which almost resulted in disaster. His second attempt was almost disastrous as well. He’s lucky the ball didn’t touch him, otherwise the score would have been 38-10! Yikes!

I think the most glaring thing that stood out to me, and other fans, was Charlie Whitehurst.

My opinion of him is not good. He held the ball too long and couldn’t find his receivers. I was willing to give him somewhat of the benefit of the doubt at first, but it was the same thing I saw him doing in training camp. Then after I saw what Brad Sorensen did when coach finally put him in, no more benefit.  Whiteworst out, Sorensen in. Period.

There were a lot of mental mistakes that resulted in penalties which drive coaches crazy. If these players keep making these mistakes, NFL will mean “not for long” for these guys.

Don’t fret Charger fans and like BoogaP said, step away from the ledge!! It’s only preseason. There are a lot of good things to look forward to.


4 Responses to It’s Only Preseason Folks!

  • tpowell619 says:

    Fans getting all riled up about a scrimmage LOL we found out 1 thing last night.Chargers have no depth past the ones yet most of us knew that.Preseason their the ones that will play its going to be long preseason but good opponents help us to determine who makes the cut and who gotta go home

  • Randy Mainwaring says:

    Exactly Thomas. I wish Charger fans would realize this. Everyone is up in arms after the first pre-season game. smh

  • OPBolt says:

    Lot’s of good comments about the team on this and other posts. Regaining a dominant team is a process. Unfortunately, for the Chargers, A.J. Smith ensured that it will be a multi-year process. Just too many leaks in the ship to fix in one season. However, I think we can get into the 8-8 range. Injuries across the team and the league may raise or lower that range. In addition to your observations:

    What I liked:
    – Rivers looked OK, but I think he really missed Alexander in this game. They really need to figure out who can regenerate his production – and we already know Floyd, Meachem, Royal, et. al. cannot do it. They couldn’t do it last year
    – The first teamers look tougher. As long as they will fight through four quarters of a dog fight, without quitting or backing down – that is improvement, as that was always one of Norv’s failures, going all the way back to the Redskins.
    – Faster, crisper execution on first team offense. At least we look like we know what we want to do. OL looked OK, expect it will be much better by the first game
    – First team defensive front is looking pretty good
    – No major injuries. Don’t laugh – the power rankings (for whatever they are worth), may all be turned upside down based on the final injury toll of preseason.

    Still concerned about:
    – Significant performance drop-off from first teamers to seconds and thirds.
    – One injury away from disaster in multiple areas (Rivers, Weddle, Freeney, Butler)
    – Special Teams (not again?). Not sure whether he can still do it, but Fozzy still holds multiple kickoff return records at Texas, including several 100 yarders (just say’n).
    – We have got to find a way to score touchdowns

  • Other than the lack of depth, the thing I had a hard time watching was the horrendous special teams. All I could think of was 2010, when we had the #1 offence and defense and didn’t make the playoffs because of ST. First thing this morning I checked the ST coaches resume and was surprised that someone with his background lead this group. I’m hoping that he can fix whatever it is that broke down last night. But 1st Team O and D looked awesome, gives me hope for a decent season.

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