In a previous article of mine, I suggested some of the players that may not make the roster and are my “surprise” cut before the season starts. The player I thought may be the “surprise” cut was Charlie Whitehurst. After having coached Peyton Manning, Mike McCoy’s standards for QB have probably been set very high.

No settling for mediocrity.

My feelings that Mike Hermann would be cut came to fruition when the Chargers waived Hermann and signed free agent quarterback Nathan Enderle on Wednesday.

Out of the University of Idaho, in his 2009 season, Enderle led an offense that was ranked 9th in the nation. He was drafted in the 5th round of the 2011 NFL draft by the Chicago Bears. After the Bears waived him, he went to the Jacksonville Jaguars where he was eventually cut during pre-season, then ended up with the Tennessee Titans during the offseason. I’m guessing that the Chargers may keep 3 Quarterbacks on the active roster. If they only keep two, Whitehurst, Sorensen and Enderle will be fighting for the backup spot.

In other roster moves the Chargers waived injured Cornerback Chibuikem “Kenny” Okoro and signed free agent rookie Safety Tony Burnett out of USC. If Okoro clears waivers, Chargers will place him on the IR list according to

Let’s hear your thoughts.

One Response to Chargers Continue Roster Moves

  • Kyle Pardue says:

    Tony Burnett looks like an interesting pickup. I guess he was a track star who ended up trying out for the football team and earned a bit of starting playing time. Looks like he has the prototypical size for a SS, but lacks a lot of football experience (I think he’s only been playing for a few years).

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