Editor’s note:  With the preseason right around the corner, Randy has prepared a list of players that he thinks will have a tough time making the roster in San Diego.  Although I disagree with a couple of players he has listed, we are interested to get your feedback.  Take a look.



Here’s a list of players I think may NOT make the Charger’s roster for 2013.

QB:  Mike Hermann

Running back: Fozzy Whitaker  Edwin Baker

Wide Receivers: Dan Depalma  Richard Goodman  Luke Tasker  Mike Willie  Deon Butler

Tight End: Ben Cotton  David Rolf   Dallas Walker

Center: Colin Baxter

Guard: Stephen Schilling

Offensive tackle: Nick Becton  Randy Richards

Defensive End: Jamarkus McFarland  Logan Harrell  Brandon Moore  Jarius Wynn

Defensive Tackle:

Linebacker: Dan Molls   Devan Walker

Cornerback: Greg Brown   Chibuikem Okoro

Safety:  Sean Cattouse

Punter: Richard Kent (definitely won’t make the cut)

Of course some of these players may end up on the practice squad.

My choice for the surprise cut?

Charlie Whitehurst.


Randy Mainwaring

5 Responses to Which Charger Will Be The Surprise Preseason Cut?

  • William Waggoner says:

    I agree that Whitehurst could be the surprise cut. When they took Sorenson in the draft and then added Herman as well I thought it unusual and posted as much here on BoltBlitz. Don’t think it will be Richard Goodman. Do you think Eddie Royal might be on the list?

  • Matthew Stanley says:

    Cattouse is apparently having a great camp, has great size at 6’2 210, and can play Safety and CB so I think he might have a chance to stick. Also Fozzy appears to have the edge over Hill right now and has past experience with Wiz. Other than that, a good list here. Glad to see someone else who thinks Royal sticks and Goodman gets his walking papers.

  • Randy Mainwaring says:

    Every year some good players that have good camps have to get cut. That’s just the way it is. Whether or not these guys get cut remains to be seen. Too bad we can’t keep em all!

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