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Well ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it’s once again time for football in this great nation of ours. I have the honor and privilege that I get to, not only write for an awesome, up and coming Chargers fan site,, but I have also met some super great Charger fans.

Just being out among the fans at training on Friday the 26th and Saturday the 27th, I had the realization that Charger fans are the best in the USA. Everyone was calm, no fights or altercations broke out.

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I attended training camp with my friend Angelica Carillo. Some of you may know her on Facebook as Butterflys Carillo. We had a great time and I’d like to share some pics of the two days I was there.


Eric Weddle Winking for the camera


It was an experience I won’t forget. These are a few of the many pictures I took. Manti Teo seemed to be the most popular. He was out signing autographs on Friday but not Saturday. He was very difficult to even get a picture of him! I did manage to get many good pics of Eric Weddle and an autograph. Melvin Ingram was signing autographs for the fans on Friday. He didn’t let anyone take a picture with him..don’t know why. I asked him if he was going to be able to play this season with his injury and, of course, he said, “hell yes!”.  I did manage to get a picture of Philip Rivers on the field but from what I hear, he doesn’t come to sign autographs very often.  I have pictures of Shareece Wright, Nick Novak, and many of the rookies. I also got a shot of LT across the other side of the field sporting a red shirt. He was doing an interview with Philip Rivers for NFL Network’s coverage of training camps. You can see the clip of the interview here:




It was a great time except for a lot of pushing and shoving! Can’t wait for the season to start. I even saw Robert Meachem catch a pass!!

Randy Mainwaring


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Eric Weddle2











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