Will Philip Rivers get back to his elite status or is his career on a downhill slide?

Whether you’re a Chargers fan or not, anyone familiar with NFL football knows the problems the Chargers have suffered in the past few years.

Many people, fan or no fan, always tend to blame all of the problems on the quarterback. As the quarterback, and I’m sure Rivers will tell you the same, one should always expect to get the blame when things go bad. If you think that Philip Rivers has been the problem over the past few years, then you should go watch baseball or something because you know absolutely nothing about football. For the last several years I’ve watched this team’s offensive line go to crap. Remember a few years back during a pre-season game against the Cardinals. Philip Rivers got sacked 6 times in the first quarter alone. Did that raise any red flags with the coaching staff or the GM? Am I the only one that noticed? I certainly hope Norv Turner and A.J. Smith aren’t wondering why they lost their jobs. I can’t stand articles that keep saying things like “What’s wrong with Philip Rivers?” and “Can the new coaching staff fix Rivers?…..”.

There isn’t anything wrong with Philip Rivers, people! It was the offensive line, and to be truly honest, the offensive line has been…well…just that. Offensive.

In comes the new era of Chargers football with Tom Telesco and Mike McCoy at the helm accompanied by Ken Whisenhunt running the offense. I see a super bright future with this team. With Telesco bringing in more O line help through the draft and free agency, at least he and McCoy were able to figure out that the O line was in shambles. Fix the O line and watch Rivers become the elite quarterback we all know he is. I don’t know about you, but I’m excited for the season to start!!


Randy Mainwaring

7 Responses to Will Philip Rivers Be Back To Elite Status?

  • Thomas Powell
    tpowell619 says:

    With all due respect I think your could not be more wrong.Is Rivers 100% to blame of course not but your rose colored glasses view is short sighted.Drinking to much kool aid maybe?

    • Randy Mainwaring says:

      I appreciate your comment. First of all I don’t drink if you’re referring to alcohol and I don’t wear rose colored glasses! lol In all seriousness though, remember when they brought in faliure Gaither and Rivers had a little more time to go through his reads, he was able to find a receiver. My point in this article is that I think Rivers is still an elite quarterback given he has an O line that can give him time to go through his read progressions. Yeah, he made some dumb throws and even he’ll tell you he wishes he could take some of those throws back. I Never said he was perfect.

  • Right on Randy, there’s no doubt ‘Rivers’ will do his part at a high level this year. I think the only real obstacle is the running game and it’s fragile leader, ‘Ryan Matthews’.

  • Randy Mainwaring says:

    Thanks Rick. And exactly right about Ryan Mathews being “fragile”! If he can keep from breaking those peanut brittle for bones of his (who ever breaks both collar bones in a season for crying out loud?!) and if he can keep the butter off of his fingers (I left the same comment on Mari’s article yesterday) I don’t think the new coaching staff is gonna have a lot of patience with him if he doesn’t produce this season.

  • As long as Rivers regains is confidence, not only in his O-Line but in himself he will be fine. My guess is the new coaching staff will have a positive impact on his eventual return to pro bowl level of play.

  • @GeeSteelio says:

    Love the piece. Rivers gets unfairly a lot of the blame b/c he IS the QB and that’s just the way this league is. They’ve done nothing to help him out, only stripped him of weapons, no front line and make him do what he can with a beaten down version of Antonio Gates. I wrote about him last year and I pretty much blamed it on bad mgmt.

  • Randy Mainwaring says:

    Thanks for the comment Lee. I wholeheartedly agree, even if some others aren’t as confident as we are. There is no doubt in my mind he will get back to his old self and, if I may go out on a limb here,, I think he may have a good chance to come close to, if not beat the single season passing yards record that Drew Brees finally broke. I know some are gonna look at this comment and laugh but I really don’t care. My opinion.

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