I have been out of the Chargers writing loop for a little while because of some health issues but I’m back and I miss all my football friends and fans.  Before I write my article, I just want to say that BoogaP/aka Dave Peters is one of the most knowledgeable, if not THE most knowledgeable Charger fan I have ever known.  Dave and I have become quite good friends over the past year.

Dave and I have written for a couple of sites and we love the feedback so please let us hear your comments.

Having said that, now let’s talk football!

I know this article is a little late in coming but I wanted to get it out there anyway.

On June 10th, I had the pleasure of meeting several Charger players during the “Chargers Thank San Diego Day” on which several players traveled via the trolley to several locations.  One of the locations happened to be right here at the Lemon Grove trolley station, about 6 blocks from my house.  The only way I found out about this was that my son, knowing full well how much of a Chargers fan I am, made damn sure to call me and let me know having seen them as he drove by the big Lemon!  I couldn’t get down there fast enough and I’m so glad I did.

Far too often, celebrities choose to be arrogant and do so most of the time.  But not the Charger players I met on fan appreciation day. These guys are genuine people.  Great guys.  One of the Chargers, Kendall Reyes, was even nice enough to talk to Booga on my cell!  Awesome!!  So I would like to give a shout out to the Chargers, Cam Thomas (CAM SMASH!!) I’ll take some credit for the CAM SMASH idea I gave him.  Just look at his @Baby_Zilla76 twitter profile page.  Also, Kendall Reyes, Corey Luiget and Jarius Wynn (see the “boltblitz” pose he gave me!) were among some of the Chargers gracious enough to come out.

Here are a few pics…


Kendall Reyes



Jarius Wynn graciously signing autographs


Jarius Wynn doing the Boltblitz pose












Randy Mainwaring

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