Now that the June 1st deadline has passed, the Chargers have gained $4.5 million in salary cap room.  It has been reported that roughly $2.5 million of that will be used to sign the team’s first round draft pick, DJ Fluker.  It is looking like the Chargers will have a little over $2 million left to add depth to certain position groups on the team.  This is prior to the anticipated cuts of a couple of players that are currently on the roster.

There have been rumors that both Eddie Royal and Le’Ron McClain could be shown the door in an effort to create some additional cap space.  Not to mention the fact that they are no longer needed.  The Chargers have a plethora of wide receivers.  The Bolts signed Chris Gronkowski to play fullback for the team.  Royal and McClain highlight a 2012 free agent class that leaves a lot to be desired.  If the team were to cut them both it would free up a little over $3 million.

Those cuts, coupled with the already available space, provide the team with approximately $5 million to play with regarding the near and foreseeable future.  You never want to strip the salary cap cupboard bare going into a regular season.  You should play it safe and carry at least $2 million into the season in the case that there are injuries.  This is the Chargers.  There will be injuries.

There will be other cuts as well as the regular season draws closer and closer.

So that leaves us to the question.  What position, or positions, still need to be addressed in free agency?  Below is a poll for you to vote on this very subject.  At this point, the team is most likely only trying to further our depth via free agency.  There may be some camp battles but the starters for 2013 are most likely already on the team.  Please feel free to state why you voted the way that you did by leaving a comment below the article at the bottom of this page.


What position(s) still need to be addressed with the available cap space?

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Thanks a lot for voting and be sure to tell us why you voted the way that you did below in the comment section.


Booga Peters

2 Responses to Poll: What position(s) still need to be addressed with the available cap space?

  • savageHECKLER says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but the only veteran Nose Tackle that we have is Cam Thomas. I’m sure we need more than just him and some new guys to anchor the defensive line. CB and SS are other areas I think could use some help too. And the Offensive line and RB. Man, that’s a lot of holes. Thanks a lot AJ!

  • William Waggoner says:

    Veteran depth at NT is needed. Since the question is where to apply available cap room relative to position how about we use some of it to get a new contract done for Donald Butler ILB.

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