As we tick away the days until the start of the new NFL season, it’s never too early to start making travel plans for those of us fortunate enough to be able to go to games.  Living in Phoenix, Arizona, that definitely applies to your favorite party host, The Greg One.  Like the rest of you, I’m over-anxious for the start of the season.  With the new regime in place and the sweeping changes they’ve made throughout our favorite team, we have reason to believe our bolts will be back in the playoffs sooner than later.  Looking at the schedule I see wins and definitely more than seven and in the double figure range.

If you ask me, that means this season.  Many feel the Chargers are due for another losing season, predicting seven or eight wins.  The power rankings have our team in the mid-20’s.  That the bottom third of the league.  The ‘experts’ are wrong as usual.  I’m looking forward to seeing us win every game but there are a handful of must-see games on the schedule for me.  All division games are automatically must-see so this is an out of division must-see list.  They are:

At Arizona (preseason):  The Chargers playing in my backyard, and it’s week three of preseason where the starters play the most minutes.  Done and done.

Houston (week 1):  The season opener sets the tone for the rest of the season is the old adage in the NFL.  Can’t say that’s true.  The Chargers started last season by embarrassing the Raiders on Monday Night Football.  We know how the rest of the season went.

This year, the Chargers go for their third straight MNF season opening win in as many seasons when Houston comes to town.  Houston is an up and coming team but they haven’t been able to get over the hump.  They did manage a playoff win two seasons ago but failed to make the playoffs last season.  I’m a huge Arian Foster fan, not just because he scores a boatload of points for my fantasy teams, but because he is a phenomenal running back and very fun to watch.  The Texans have an explosive offense and on defense you find J.J. Watt and marvel at his athleticism.  This is going to be a highly competitive game, excited to see it!

At Philadelphia (week 2):  The last for teams to play Philadelphia in their home opener have won the Super Bowl!  This year, San Diego gets the honor of being that team.  Book your tickets for New York now!!  Philadelphia will be a team under the microscope with Chip Kelly as their new head coach.  The experts have wondered out loud for years if Kelly’s Oregon offense would work in the NFL.  Now we get to see the answer.  This is an ideal time to play them in case it does work because its going to take time to gel on the field in games that count. Should be a fun watch.

Indianapolis (week 6):  The Chargers take on the surprising Colts.  Plenty of storylines in this Monday Night Football matchup.  Tom Telesco’s new team versus his old team.  Will QB Andrew Luck continue on the upward trajectory he began last season as a rookie when the Colts made the playoffs after only getting two wins the season before?  Dwight Freeney versus the team he’d spent his entire career playing for until now.  Guaranteed fireworks.

At Washington (week 9):  The Chargers get a crack at the Washington QB phenom Robert Griffin III and the Pistol offense.  Should be a fun game to watch, that is, if the Pistol hasn’t already been figured out by then.  Nevertheless, we’ll watch just to see if he’s as good as advertised in his second season.

New York Giants (week 14):  We know the history of Eli Manning and the Chargers, (if you don’t read my past column about Eli on this here site) which is enough reason to watch and try to boo him out of the stadium from your living room!  The Greg One will personally be at this game to watch the Chargers destroy the Giants.

What games are you looking forward to the most?

Here’s to a great playoff run, THIS SEASON!

#TelescoMagic believe in it!


Bolt Up!


The Greg One

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