My name is Laurie Fredricks and I’m a massage therapist.  I have a business degree with an emphasis in accounting so how did I end up doing this line of work?  A friend suggested it to me at the gym one day about 4 years ago.  I remember going to my 1st day of class and looking at all my classmates and thinking “Oh man, I have to touch all these people (ugh)!”

Well, I finished the program which was for Swedish Massage which I think is a big waste of anyone’s time.  That just wasn’t cutting it for me.  I am an intense person and if something isn’t great, why bother?  Luckily, I found a little lady that did a different kind of massage with her feet.  It is called Ashiatsu Massage, I took a 3 day intense course with her and knew this is what I wanted to do.

My passion is helping people and I just happen to love sports as well.  I cannot put into words the looks on these big guys faces after a session.  They are so thankful to finally be able to find someone who can make a difference.  I am both humbled and thankful that anybody who uses their body to make a living trusts me.  I have worked on NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA.  I am relatively new to San Diego and building a VIP client base of pro athletes (current and retired).

Massage is starting to become more mainstream in sports as it helps muscle recovery, prevents injury, aids deep sleep, and can contribute to optimal athletic performance on game day.  I hear athletes mention it in post game interviews more and more.  Football is truly a game of inches and if you are just a little faster or a little more flexible due to massage, it can really influence the outcome of plays.

Finally, I wanna thank all the guys that are telling other teammates about me and BoogaP, #TheBoltFather, for networking with me.

@lauriefredricks  on twitter

916-370-7220   cell

**rates are cusotmized to meet individual needs


I hope everyone enjoyed the first ever #BoltFamSpotlight article featuring Laurie Fredricks.  Be sure to follow her on twitter, @lauriefredricks.  If you see any of our favorite Chargers tweeting about needing a massage, be sure to send them Laurie’s way!


Thanks a lot for reading.



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