Is it September yet? After the offseason the Chargers have had, every Charger loyalist should have reason to believe that this season will be different.  Different for the better,  we hope.  Considering the Chargers are coming off their first losing season in over a decade, it can’t get much worse.  Just the fact Norv Turner and AJ Smith won’t be haunting Chargers Park is already seen as a turn for the better.

The recent signings of defensive end Dwight Freeney and left tackle Max Starks has created the buzz the Chargers faithful have been waiting for all offseason. Now we’re REALLY ready for the season to start so we can see our new toys in action but alas, we have almost 100 days to wait.  The NBA season will be over in mid-June, the NHL Playoffs are winding down and baseball will never end and is too boring to watch on TV.  How do we keep our sports buzz on? Might I suggest some Blockbuster nights?

Here are The Greg One’s top five sports movies of all time. Rent these and get some of that rooting spirit back…if even for only 90 minutes at a time.

5.  Talladega Nights.  Honestly. I’ll be the first to tell everyone who will listen that Will Ferrell is NOT FUNNY.  He tried too hard to be funny and just looks dumber in the process. What makes this movie is the supporting cast from the overzealous kids to the ‘hot wife’ to John C. Reilly as Ferrell’s co-star and racing teammate.  This movie is funny IN SPITE OF, not because of, Will Ferrell.

4.  White Men Can’t Jump.  Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson form an unholy alliance to hustle street basketball.  Playing on the blacktop in the bad part of town,  Harrelson’s character Billy Hoyle, (affectionately dubbed Billy HO by Snipes) is the perfect accomplice because everyone in the hood thinks…you got it, White Men Can’t Jump.  Plenty of twists and turns, street justice a wisecracking Kadeem Hardison, (you knew him as Dwayne Wayne from A Different World) and a young, hot Rosie Perez. Score!!

3.  Rocky IV.  I’m not lumping all the Rocky movies together because they’re not all great, especially not Rocky V.  Rocky IV has the best foil in Dolph Lundgren who plays the invincible Russian Ivan Drago called ‘Death From Above’ in the movie.  Rocky is pressed back into action after his best friend, Apollo Creed, is killed in the ring in an exhibition fight.  I’d say sorry for the spoiler alert but if you haven’t seen this movie already, there’s something wrong with you… Its a compare and contrast of old school training (Rocky running up mountainsides and training in the elements in a broken down cabin)  and new school training. (Drago getting ‘roided up and training in a cozy state of the art facility).  Its a lesson that’s still true to this day.  Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

2.  The Waterboy.  Adam Sandler plays the insufferable title character, a backwoods, home-schooled redneck deep in the heart of the Louisiana swamp.  Kathy Bates is awesome as his ‘mama’, stubborn, tricky and a believer that anything she doesn’t like is ‘the DEVIL’.  As the team waterboy, his hidden knack for delivering punishing, playmaking hits comes while he’s being tormented by his own team and coach Henry Winkler decides to get the waterboy to channel that aggression onto the field.  Play count the cameos as plenty of recognizable faces pop up in random places.


And The Greg One’s  GREGGY award for greatest sports movie of all time goes to….




This, not Caddyshack, should be the gold standard for all golf movies.  Adam Sandler strikes again as the title character, Happy Gilmore.  Gilmore is an ice hockey player  with all the power in the world but there’s just one problem, he’s not a good skater.  Gilmore does love a good fight like any hockey player and he does fight with just about everyone, including a famous scene with Bob Barker…

“The Price Is WRONG, bitch!!”

Gilmore is discovered by Chubs, played by Carl Weathers and Chubs get him entered into the world of golf.  Gilmore’s 400 foot drives become the talk of the pro tour and it brings out fans and haters, including Gilmore’s rival for the duration of the movie, Shooter McGavin.  Wrapped in the middle of all this hilarity is the greatest love scene caught in a movie.  Ever.  Set to ‘Endless Love’, Gilmore romances a hot tour representative.  Watch the scene then disagree with me, if you dare!


Hope you guys liked my list.  Five films, five different sports.  It was hard narrowing it to five as the rest of the top ten would have been some mix of Varsity Blues (if the Endless Love’ scene was the greatest love scene EVER, the whipped cream bikini is the hottest moment EVER), Remember The Titans, Caddyshack, The Longest Yard (the most recent Adam Sandler edition) and Rocky III.  I’d say this is the perfect ten but if not, what films would you add to the list?  For the record, I left Rudy off on purpose.  Dude got in one play in the last game…no soup for you!  Other than that, who ya got??


Here’s to getting that sports fix sated!  Buy these movies and you will be fully entertained again and again!




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The Greg One





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