Now that the tents for the “Tebow offseason circus” have transitioned to nomadic status, the reasons for his unemployment will be  thrown around like an errant Tebow pass.

The most obvious would be that he just isn’t a good enough passer of the football to be a quarterback at the NFL level.  Among other things, it has been said that he has had difficulty attempting to pick up even the smallest nuances of a true NFL offense.

Despite those major setbacks, there is a place in the NFL for Tim Tebow.  But that is only if he understands what the rest of the NFL world understands.

Tim Tebow is not a quarterback in the NFL.  It is widely debated that he is not capable of making the switch to another position but that is up to him, in my opinion.  He has to want to devote the time to learning an entirely new position.  I am not trying to sell the other positions short.  Making the transition from any position to another is extremely difficult.  Although it’s not unheard of, it is not a guaranteed success story in the end.

It has been reported that there were trade inquiries from other teams prior to the New York Jets releasing him.  Those trades fell through, reportedly, due to Tebow’s unwillingness to play any position other than quarterback.

It is all speculation as to whether or not he could make his mark by changing roles in the NFL.  But for someone who has been on record multiple times stating that he is a football player first, it’s a bit contradictory to refuse to make the effort to give it a shot.

Perhaps we’ll never know if Tebow can succeed in the NFL.  Maybe he’ll go on to have a solid CFL career while learning as a backup in the NFL’s elementary school program.  What we can all guarantee ourselves is that ESPN will find a way to bring him up as often as possible.


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