I am sure that you have seen a draft-related theme on every NFL football website out there.  we are no different expect that we value your opinion more than the others and want to hear it now.

Every Charger fan knows the draft picks.  Every single on of you have an opinion on what they could mean to the team.  All of the experts out there have posted, printed, and submitted their evaluations.

Now it is your turn.

Below is a poll where you can assign a letter grade to the Chargers 2013 draft class.  Is it far too early to do this?  Absolutely.  Do I care that it’s too early?  Absolutely not.  Vote by choosing a letter grade and then justify your grade by leaving a comment stating what grade you voted for and why you did so.


What letter grade would you give the Chargers 2013 draft class?

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Thanks a lot for reading and voting.  I really hope you leave some comments as to why you voted the way you did.  Let’s talk Bolts baby!!






11 Responses to Poll: What grade would you give the Chargers draft class?

  • Travis B says:

    I wanted to give a better grade than a B, but I just couldn’t do it. I still see a lot of holes on this roster that weren’t addressed. Loved the move to get Te’o, but I don’t like that we gave up a fourth rounder to get him, seeing as how there still would have been either himself or Minter on the board with our original pick. And that fourth round pick could have been Jesse Williams from Alabama to help shore up NT. And Fluker, well I’m just not sold on that either with the talent that was on the board at the time. Loved the two picks from Cal, and T. Williams though.

    • Booga Peters
      BoogaP says:

      I don’t blame you a bit. I was so furious that I walked out of Radio City Music Hall when the Fluker pick was announced. I was extremely pissed when I heard we moved up to get Te’o. In all the mocks that I’ve GMed this offseason on behalf of the Bolts, I’ve seen soooo much talent fall into the fourth round. Same as the actual draft. Now that I’ve calmed down, we snagged three first rounders in the first 3 rounds. Let’s allow this to play out and see what happens.

  • Nick E. says:

    I’m not sure how you couldn’t grade them at an A with what they were working with. TT saw that O line was flying off the boards. And they continued to. Clearly other teams were willing to reach at O line. Ex. Justin Pugh, Kyle Long, Travis Fredrick. We will have to wait and see with Te’o but you cannot coach instincts, you can however coach how to get off blocks.

      • I know right!? I just haven’t had the time to do anything but read. I check your stuff all the time though man. Doing awesome things with this site.

        • Booga Peters
          BoogaP says:

          If you’re looking for a Charger site to write the occasional article for in your spare time…. You definitely have a place at BoltBlitz.

    • Booga Peters
      BoogaP says:

      DM me your email address and desired user name. I’ll set you up right now. Then you’re ready to go.

    • Booga Peters
      BoogaP says:

      You’ll input the articles right into wordpress. Then, when it’s completed, I’ll go in and do final edits and then post it.

  • eric schlichting says:

    I give them a B+..flucker seemed like a reach but still will bolster our line day 1..te’o pick I love as I’m a ND fan and have loved him for a while now but I would have to the chance and waited til he fell to us..giving up a 4th was huge in this draft..a lot of talent still on the board.I love how allenfell in our lap..he’s definitly 1st rd talent..I just wish they had addressd the LT and SS..I loved they picked up geathers as a unrestricted FA.

  • Clearly Bolts draft was designed to address O-line Rd1 and ILB Rd 2. I’m fine with their player selections, but don’t like that they gave up their 4th rounder to go get T’eo. Keenan Allen was a great pick Rd 3. Steve & Tourek Williams solid selections. I thought the QB selection would have been Matt Scott or Ryan Griffin. My impression is that scouting really did their homework on the character/work-ethic component of player evaluation and it does influence my grade. Basically 3 guys in the first 3 rounds who arguably have first round grades while giving up a 4th rounder and failing to address L tackle need. Solid B for now and only time and future tale of the tape will reveal the real grade. Like what I see from Telesco, McCoy and the scouts so far and hoping it extends to all the UDFAs.

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