One Response to BoltBlitz 3-1-2013 Video

  • Another nice podcast! I would add to the AJ / Norv / Players debate that AJ hired Norv, and was responsible for bringing the players in. Which takes everything else out of the equation. It’s not like he didn’t know who Norv was, and he was directly responsible for player relations. Whether it was the draft, the only year that he participated in free agency, or the players already wearing our jersey…. he handled it poorly. It’s like that movie Office Space.. A player will only work hard enough to make a paycheck, and not get cut, if there is no loyalty. Ryan Matthews kinda put his foot in his mouth today, but he also spoke very loudly. The team was complacent under Norv & AJ. They watched AJ show every player that practiced hard the door. Then watched them thrive in other systems. We all have heard the “Chargers Farm” comments.

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