Formerly, as he wishes was the case so we’ll go with it, known as the Honey Badger, Tyrann Mathieu is currently prepping to take the next step in his tumultuous football career.  Mathieu shows quite a bit of athletic ability and is always around the football.  His off the field issues could force him to drop into the third round in the upcoming NFL draft.  It is possble that he could fall even further.  Although he is a bit undersized, some team will most likely take a chance on him in the second round.  Let’s take a minute to break down Mathieu’s strengths and weaknesses on the field.


Height:  5’9″

Weight:  189 pounds

40 yard dash:  4.50

Reps at 225:  4

Vertical jump:  34.0 inches

3 cone drill:  6.87 seconds


Mathieu has the incredible knack for always being around the ball.  Although you have to go back a year to view any game tape of him, if you follow the ball, you will likely find him in the vicinity of it.  At LSU, the Tigers played him all over the field at cornerback on both the outside and in the slot, and occasionally as a safety.  Mathieu has phenomenal instincts.  He is not afraid to stick his nose in there to make the tackle despite his size.  He is very crafty when it comes to beating blocks and using what ever means necessary to do so.  His ability to blitz from the slot corner position is unmatched.  Very aggressive with great timing.  When tackling, his is very consistent, and sneaky, about going for the strip ball.  Mathieu is also very solid as a punt returner.  Very rarely is he tackled by the first guy.  He has a very good feel for what is going on around him.  His initial impact in the league will most likely come on special teams while he gets up to speed with the NFL game.

As you can see above, Mathieu is not the ideal size for a defender in the NFL.  His size will be a factor in where he is taken in the draft.  Mathieu is quicker than fast.  He lacks elite speed to keep up with the speed receivers at the next level.  That’s not to say he won’t be able to cover them, but it is an issue and could lead to big plays on deep balls if he is matched up one on one.  The most glaring problem with Mathieu are his off the field issues.  There is little doubt that NFL personnel have put him to the fire repeatedly with questions regarding his marijuana use.  Teams know that they are taking a huge risk by selecting him in the draft.


Mathieu is perhaps the most controversial player in this year’s draft class.  I find it very difficult to believe that he’ll make it out of the third round at the latest.  Most experts think he’ll go in the late second round.  He is the epitome of a huge risk, high reward prospect.  In Mathieu, you get a guy that plays bigger than his size and is going to find a way to make plays.  You also get a guy that has shown a tendency to celebrate a day like yesterday on the regular.

Here are some highlight videos of Tyrann Mathieu





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2 Responses to Draft Profile: Tyrann Mathieu

    • Booga Peters
      BoogaP says:

      I like him a lot more than it seems some people do. LOL. If he falls then I see no reason not to grab him. I wouldn’t take him too early though. Probably 4th round at earliest. He’ll probably go late second round.

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