There is a widespread sentiment that NFL fans in Los Angeles County want no part of the arrival of the second team in as many years to invade the City of Angels; the Los Angeles Chargers. Fans who have been with the team since San Diego will be making the trip up the I-5 to show their love but this story isn’t about them.

Are you a Los Angeles resident who IS excited to have Chargers football in your city? If the answer is yes, I want to hear from YOU!!

My intention is to publish your sentiments in a future article complete with your story of why/how you decided to make the Chargers your team. Many are skeptical this idea will get any responses at all but I believe you are out there and if you would do me the honor of penning a few lines, I can prove that unlike the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus, you DO exist!

Tell me why you chose to support the Chargers and any other thoughts you’d like to express (season expectations, favorite players, etc…). Send your responses to my email ( and your story will be featured here next week as proof to the Chargers and the Los Angeles public that there is new fan support!

Thanks in advance for your cooperation and supporting the site!


Bolt Up!!


The Greg One




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