On Monday, I posted an article regarding my thoughts on how utterly stupid the whole “#FightForLA” stance is for the Los Angeles Chargers.

I shared the article per my normal posting guidelines — all over social media.

One of my favorite writers on any site ever — who is now a FORMER writer of mine due to the team’s relocation to Los Angeles — read the article and then posted the following response.

Before you read it, I told him how much I felt his emotions along with him as I read his comment. It is raw, real and unedited, and he even apologized at the end for his post being, “so long.”

He had NO reason to apologize, which I also pointed out.

You may be able to sense what I’m getting at when you continue to read.



I was re-considering my decision during the draft on whether or not to be a Chargers fan. I have checked up on them and saw they had a great draft. I started reading about their picks, I unblocked them on Twitter and started looking through their old tweets that I have missed because they were blocked.


As I was reading, I was starting to get excited again. I was getting excited for the season, getting excited to watch my favorite team play football again. Then as I was reading some articles and tweets a little hashtag caught my eye. That hashtag happened to be #FightForLA. Seeing that made my heart drop again. As if looking at your newly broken up relationship and seeing her engaged two months after a 24 year relationship. I simply can’t root for a team that is all about LA and has no intention on remembering their true home, San Diego.


Now, I wish you guys all the best. I will probably just end up being a fan of players, fantasy players, the game, etc. as I recuperate from my city no longer being an NFL one. It sucks, but hopefully one day we will get our team back. Hopefully one day the league realizes what a mistake it was leaving a loyal city whether it looked like it or not. Hopefully one day I can look at the Chargers and think to myself “I wish they would win a Super Bowl” because right now, it still hurts and it’s nothing but bad wishes and resentfulness.


This young man’s name is Zakariah Darman — it’s Zak, by the way, but whatever — playfully known as ZDizzle around these here parts.

His highly placed love for the Chargers was only trumped by his love for his city; the finest city in all of America, San Diego.

You almost sucked him back in, Chargers… but you found a way to fuck it up with your ignorant “#FightForLA” bullshit.

EDITOR’S NOTE: A big shoutout to Zak for allowing me to use this on the website that he used to bless with his knowledge, charisma and incredibly good looks. You are still missed, Sir.


Booga Peters

3 Responses to Former SAN DIEGO Chargers fan almost forgave and forgot, but then…

  • y’all just have to think of our Fabiani talked down to and lied to Chargers fans along with the charade that Spanos put on for the past couple years indicating he wanted a new stadium. Fuck no he didn’t. He planned to move to L.A. one way or the other. He stuck the proverbial knife in every San Diego Charger fans back. If that isn’t enough for you to say “screw you” to him and everything he owns and supports then best of luck. I’m done.

  • Good looks? Surely, you jest (and, yes, I called you Shirley). I can honestly say I didn’t give a flying fuck about the draft. My bitterness goes beyond Dean Fucking Spanos, but extends to Roger Goodell and the entire NFL.

    Make no mistake. The NFL is NOT family. If they were, they wouldn’t have fucked three fan bases right up the ass in a one year span.

    I marveled at the posts in social media, however. People getting fired up over the draft picks of this no-class organization like they’re positioning themselves for a Super Bowl run. Others who said they had moved on to other teams suddenly hanging on every move they made. Yet others claiming they are the “true” fans because they’re following the team to Smogville, yet decrying Spanos and saying they won’t support him. News flash, you ARE supporting this fuckwad organization and the NFL.

    I am a former staff writer as well. Though my attitude may change come September, as of now, I am done with the NFL and these lying, entitled sacks of shit.

  • Anonymous says:

    There’s no crying in football. Get over it. Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, Ventura County – We are all Southern California. If I could be a fan of the Chargers while living in Ventura County for all of those years, you can be a fan in now they are Los Angeles. Suck it up. Get over it. It wasn’t your team! It was OUR team. I bought jerseys, and bumper stickers just like you. I went down to beautiful San Diego to see the games.
    The bottom line is this, San Diego didn’t support the team. When we needed a new stadium, the “City” of San Diego voted no. I didn’t get to vote from Ventura County. Fans in Oceanside, Poway and Escondido didn’t get to vote either. Why? It was the Oceanside Chargers. It was the “San Diego” Chargers and San Diego said no. We are all Southern California. Personally, I would prefer they be the So. Cal. Chargers over the L.A. Chargers or the S.D. Chargers, but that’s not my call. That decision rests on the family who risks their their entire fortune on the Chargers as a business. They own that right. After all, we may think of it as “our team” but it is their business. Loyalty is not a word that comes to mind when we think of most Charger fans. The fan base in general is weak. The Q was filled with fans of the opposing team. Ask yourself this: How come the Amtrak was loaded with Charger fans coming from LA and OC, and when we got to the Q, it was filled with fans of the opposing team. Why? Not enough people in San Diego cared about this team. That’s just fact. If fans who lived in the San Diego area wanted to send a message to Dean, they could have showed up to the games, and made lots of noise while the defense was on the field. They didn’t because they didn’t care.
    So the Chargers are fighting for L.A. It’s going to be an uphill battle in Raider Country. The only ammo the “LOYAL” remaining Charger fans have, is to come together from all over So. Cal and support this team and the players.

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