For starters:

“Fuck you, Dean Spanos.” – a quote from me

(Go ahead and get pumped up; not because this will be a good article, but because, fuck you, Dean Spanos.)

Furthermore, that is the last time I will type or say that name.

Moving on…




This website has gone dark, for the most part, since the announcement that the Chargers’ owner is taking the team from San Diego and moving it to the Los Angeles area.

Words cannot describe the feeling, or lack thereof, when the announcement was made; when it was no longer speculation and it had finally come to its dreadful, final fruition.


Could this be real?

Oh, it’s real. It is really, really real.

I still have no clue what I am going to do as far as whether or not I will still be a Chargers fan. But, I do not think it matters to you at all.

Because it shouldn’t.

It shouldn’t matter at all.


Please forgive me for using all capitals on that. Apparently I channeled my inner-Vinny Ibarra.

Dear Lord, please forgive me.




The frustration I am feeling while watching “Chargers fans” bicker like a bunch of idiotic, immature derelicts is incomprehensible.

Or is it?

I could NOT care less whether or not you used to be a Chargers fan, are a Chargers fan currently or you want to be a Chargers fan in the future.

Why is that, you ask?

Because that is none of my damn business.

And when it comes to the team allegiance of other fans, it’s none of your damn business, either.

Mind your own damn business, I guess.




We all grieve differently. Everyone deserves and has earned the right to exercise said grieving in any way they see fit, seeing as it’s done in a semi-responsible manner, so to speak.

Burning your jerseys, memorabilia and other collectibles, though I cannot imagine doing so knowing there are so many people out there who would LOVE to have it, is also NONE OF MY DAMN BUSINESS.

Please afford all fans, regardless of what type of fan or how long they have supported “their” team, the opportunity to deal with it on their own terms.

Please know that if you feel as though you have no other choice but to follow the Chargers to Los Angeles, YOU ARE RIGHT.

No matter what you are feeling regarding the owner of the Chargers, please know that YOU ARE RIGHT.

For those of you who are refusing to support/follow the Chargers as they relocate to L.A., YOU ARE RIGHT.

For those of you who represent your city first and could not fathom supporting the Chargers now, YOU ARE RIGHT.

For the people who cannot even imagine NOT supporting veterans like Philip Rivers, Antonio Gates, Danny Woodhead and others, regardless of where they play football but they’re still with the Chargers, YOU ARE RIGHT.

For guys who are like Jason “Moose” Ciano, throwing out 10 million what-if scenarios and one that eventually sticks, YOU WERE RIGHT AT LEAST THREE TIMES THAT I CAN THINK OF.

For those of you who wore Chargers gear home from the hospital at your birth in December of 1978 and your children did, too, in 2009 and 2011, respectively, because of how much a group of men playing a kids’ game mattered to you over for almost four decades of existence and you have no clue what you’re going to do regarding your favorite team in all of the land and that entity has only ranked behind my children and my ex-wife during my life, I AM RIGHT. (That got confusing, but deal with it.)

Shit. I don’t know if we want me to be right…

But I digress.

For Thomas Powell, one of my best friends in the entire world, who throws out 971,000,000 opinions on a daily basis and hopes that four stick, YOU WERE RIGHT AT LEAST 121 TIMES, total, ever.

Here’s the deal:


NO MATTER WHAT YOU FEEL — Chargers fans of the past, present and/or future — YOU ARE RIGHT.

You are ALL right.

Please know that you are entitled to and deserve to feel however you want to feel.

But, most importantly…

Most important of all…


No matter how you feel about the Chargers relocating…




… fuck you, Dean Spanos. <—- that was the “real” last time I’ll use his name in print or audibly.


Can we all agree on that, please?


Leave a comment below stating why YOU ARE RIGHT for feeling the way you do about the Chargers being relocated.



Thanks a lot for reading.




P.S. For those of you who are still on the staff, thank you. For those of you who are not, thank you for all that you did while here; and that includes anyone who has ever been on the staff, for any amount of time.

My staff is why this website has been so successful, and hopefully I have done a good job of letting them know that.

Thank you all for your support.












4 Responses to Past, Present and Future Chargers fans: You are right

  • Bruce says:

    Nice one Booga. Here’s a funny one…. after each unexpected burp, I’d say CHARGE!!!!. Now after each and every burp, I say “Fuck Spanos”. So I will use his name more than I ever use to but as he deserves it. thx

  • Becky Brown says:

    First, Fuck you Dean Spanos and then for my 2 cents. I am going to remain a Charger Fan, I have already moved from SD and yes they were my home team but I won’t change my ways. I am actually ok with it because now that freaking tight wad is going to have to cough up some major cash for players in order to fill the stadium and he can stop playing head games. So to Mr. Spanos I say, Here is your participation ribbon now get the fucking job done! I want a winning team and I want it now!!!! think Willy Wonka 🙂 Much love and respect

  • Trevis Thomas
    Trevis says:

    Fandom. The word is Fandom. You either ARE or ARE NOT. Your reasoning and decision is either based in logic or emotions. My heart, my emotional reaction is not very Christian like and won’t repeat what my initial thoughts were. My reasoning for wanting to not be a Fan were “You were raised in San Diego. You chanted “BEAT LA!” HOW DARE THEY!?!?!”

    My brain says, The difference between Fandom and Business. The Chargers is a Franchise. Like McDonald’s. In order to make the most profit, you have to be in a good location (location, location, location). The difference between San Diego and L.A. is the having a slice of a pie (L.A.) that is larger than the cake (San Diego) they were getting. The players did not choose to leave. The owner did based on conversations he had (probably with his lawyer). the players were being paid to play. They’re not in this to be San Diegans or bring San Diego glory.

    For two years, People like Booga, Thomas Powell, Johnny BoltPride, and 22+ other people did what they could to keep the Chargers in San Diego. It was a valiant effort. The Chargers would’ve been gone last season if it weren’t for the efforts of the fine human beings. My only personal sad note on this, is that my motivation to do right by these people and do what I can for Save Our Bolts was my mother telling me in one of our last conversations we had before cancer took her away, was “The Chargers need to stay here, at home, in San Diego.” Sorry Mom, my efforts we’re good enough to keep them home. The positive twist on that… I know my Mom’s answer to them leaving would be, “SEE YA!!” My mom wasn’t a fan of drama beyond the grid iron.

    I’ve been asked for the last 13+ years. “If the Chargers leave San Diego; will you still be a fan?” My answer has always been, “As long as they don’t become the Alabama Argonauts, I’ll remain a fan.” meaning as long as they remain the Chargers, I don’t care where they play. Once they re-brand. I’m done with NFL. Until then, I won’t give up on the investments I’ve made in the sport, the players, the friends and family that I’ve come to love in my lifetime because of the common Fandom of the Chargers.

    I place the curse on Dean Spanos though… Picture Celie from the movie, “The Color Purple.” .. the curse quote: “Until you do right by me, everything you even think about gonna fail!”

    #GodBless #GoBolts

  • artofrknee says:

    I feel I can think for myself and what I think as a native San Diegan, I’ve supported the home team, now there is no home team. So, I can support whoever I want. That means the Chargers. Yeah F_ _ K Dean Spanos, but I never cheered for him, ever. Not once have I seen or purchased a Spanos jersey. The bottom line for me, it’s his franchise, always was, and he just proved it. He’s going to make billions whether i say “GO CHARGERS” or not. So F_ _ K Dean, why should I be miserable over something that was never in my control? They’ll always be the San Diego Chargers to me, right now there’re just the Chargers. Teams have left L.A. and gone back home before, so it’s possible lighting could strike twice. until then…Bolt UP!

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