Hot on the heels of the monumental Thursday morning announcement of the team formerly known as the San Diego Chargers moving up the I-5 to Los Angeles, a new head coach was announced to spearhead the new Los Angeles Chargers.

On Friday, the now Los Angeles Chargers officially announced former Buffalo Bills’ interim head coach Anthony Lynn as their successor to Mike McCoy. Lynn was a running back in the NFL for six seasons from 1993-1999. He was initially signed as an undrafted free agent running back by the Denver Broncos. He played a season in San Francisco (1995-’96) before finishing his career in Denver from 1997 to 1999.  Lynn has two Super Bowl rings as part of the John Elway-led team that won back-to-back titles in 1997 and 1998.

Since retiring from playing the game in 2000, Lynn has worked his way up the coaching ranks. After two seasons in Denver as a special teams coach, he was brought in as a running backs coach for Jacksonville, Dallas, Cleveland and New York Jets before landing in Buffalo in 2015. Lynn served as running backs coach until week three of the 2016 season. Bills OC Greg Roman was fired after week two and Lynn was promoted to offensive coordinator. He was the week 17 interim head coach after Rex Ryan was fired in week 16.

Lynn is a low-profile, safe choice for the Chargers. Not much will be expected of him or the team given their recent history.  The Chargers have finished in the cellar the last two seasons, only winning a combined nine games. They made the playoffs once in the four years of the Mike McCoy era.

Despite the fact he has no head coaching experience at any level of football, he is expected to keep Ken Whisenhunt as offensive coordinator and various media outlets are reporting he wants to hire former Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley to replace John Pagano as defensive coordinator. If the Bradley hire happens, that places two experienced head coaches to accelerate his learning curve.

Lynn becomes the first minority head coach in the history of the Chargers franchise. He is widely respected around the league as a running game mastermind. From 2009-13 his Jets led the league in rushing. Each season in Buffalo, the Bills have led the NFL in rushing. If he can do that with a past his prime veteran like LeSean McCoy, imagine what he will be able to do with a young, budding superstar like Melvin Gordon.

Lynn inherits a roster with many budding stars yet to hit their prime and if they can stay healthy, could make the playoffs as soon as next season. So far, the Chargers have led the league in players sent to injured reserve over the past few seasons. Staying healthy and offensive line stability has been their biggest downfall.

All things considered, there is no place to go but up for Lynn and the Chargers. The stadium drama is over and players now know in which city their future lies. That has to be good for something. Now everyone can focus on getting healthy and just playing football, which may be exactly what this team needs.

What do you think? Good signing? Bad signing? Too soon to care? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.




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5 Responses to Chargers name Anthony Lynn head coach

  • EdieR says:

    Could care less! Dean Spanos had no intention of keeping the team here, and treated the fans like sh*t! I hope that the young players are able to find another team quickly and leave the Chargers, as with the lax attitude of hiring a coach, and not caring about the fans, I think this man thinks that he can hang by a hair up in Los Angeles for two years, and sell them for a profit. I hope those eligible to retire, do so quickly as well, as I don’t see this team going anywhere but staying in the cellar, and the fans in L.A. were rooting for the Raiders to return. They aren’t happy that they got the Rams, and they CERTAINLY aren’t happy that they now have the Chargers. As the headline in the L.A. Times yesterday said “We Don’t Want You Here!”

    • Greg Williams
      Greg Williams says:

      Edie, I’m (almost) as mad at the ownership for allowing this to happen as you are. I hope Spanos sells the team to someone who will spend money and move the team back. Seeing as that’s unlikely to happen we have to cope with the reality of the situation. We root for the team, not the owners. These guys deserve our support because they’re going through as much personal upheaval as we fans are going through emotional upheaval. No matter where they are playing, they’re still the Chargers and they, not the owners, need our support.

  • EdieR says:

    Greg, I absolutely support the players. The thing is, I don’t think Spanos gives a damn about the players or anyone else. He never has. look at when L.T. was let go. he practically begged to stay here, and cried when he left. Time and time again, Spanos has dealt away players, only for them to go on to succeed a year or two on the next team they go to play for, and why is that, Spanos won’t pay a nickle more than what HE wants to pay them. Never mind what they are really worth I truly value those that have stayed, for they stayed because of the fans of San Diego, not the pay checks they were receiving. Phillip Rivers has had many offers in his early years, that offered him far more than what he got here. The same with Gates. I sincerely hope that the new talent that we have, go with new teams, that value them more, and they will have a much better shot at getting a Bowl ring. I’m sorry, but Dean Spanos is nothing in my opinion, and I doubt seriously if his dad Alex was still in charge, this would of NEVER happened. I say good luck to the players in everything they do. Unfortunately they won’t stand a chance if Spanos retains ownership of this team. As far as Spanos, I hope he does sell the team, and I could care less what happens to him at all.

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