As with others, fellow blitzers, this is my last article for boltblitz.com. Dean Spanos can rot in hell for all I care.

When your wife leaves you after years of lies, deceipt and emotional abuse, there are no more tears to shed, only anger remains. That’s where I am right now. Angry with the betrayal. More than that, I’m angry with Dean Spanos’ cowardice. Angry that he announced the move via a letter on the team website which I have since unfollowed and unliked.  Really?

I should thank you for this, Deano.  You saved me a chunk of change being I won’t need to continue to subscribe to NFL Sunday Ticket.  I can take my gear money and spend it on the Padres, Gulls and on the Las Vegas Golden Knights.

The people of San Diego, the fans who backed your sorry ass for years, deserve better than that. May your flesh rot in a toxic dump in Smell-A. I hope the Padres start to act like a major league franchise for once now that they’re the top sports dog in town.

Bye Felicia.

Mike Pisciotta


3 Responses to My wife left me


    I feel the same way…..and I live in “The AZ” after years in SoCal rooting for the Chargers since the 70s. Dean had lots of opportunities to get a new stadium, but his dreams out distanced his means. He doesn’t have enough money to be on the same level as the big owners. Therefore, he has to play second fiddle to almost all of them. He has made this team “The LA Renters!” I see no way he will succeed in LA. Hey Dean……life is tough, but it’s tougher when you’re stupid! I feel sorry for the players who now have to figure out how to deal with this, and don’t think it won’t affect them.. What a big mistake…..all for $.Someone should erect a shrine at the Q stating who is responsible for the emptiness in Mission Valley. It is Dean’s Legacy.

  • Dean’s legacy. You hit the nail on the head, Jeff. Granted, Mayor Kev and his predecessors are culpable as well, but Deano could have found a way if he truly wanted to stay. He’s now Public Enemy #1 and should no longer be welcome in America’s Finest City, my hometown.

  • OPBolt says:

    Here are some questions to ponder:
    – Wisdom of crowds – Is San Diego actually (albeit accidentally) better off having gotten off of the NFL stadium cost escalator? This is a question focused at citizenship, the common good, and husbanding resources – separate from fandom and the lottery of dealing with a weak, cheap owner. A secondary question is whether we are better off divorcing the NFL before some smart lawyer figures out a way to include cities, as enablers and co-conspirators, in CTE type lawsuits of the future – and don’t even try to tell me that could not happen.
    – What’s next – literally within hours of the twitter letter (how classy was that?), talk radio was focusing in on developments that can move forward now that the impediment of the Chargers will be finally removed. Almost all of the MV concepts include a smaller (cheaper), MLS/SDSU stadium concept. Apparently, Seidler already has an ownership group pre-staged to try and get an MLS franchise. In all of this, should we think about designing the stadium so that the infrastructure (seats, gates, bathrooms, concessions, etc.) could support seating NCAA championship/bowl games minimum seating limits?
    – Dealing with the NFL in the future – Within the next ten years I guarantee there will be other NFL cities/fans dancing the new stadium boogie. Do we want to become the “threat of San Diego”? Will we deal with the NFL/Owner X as a buyer or a seller? Maybe we should demand that if the NFL wants back in San Diego, they have to provide the city/county residents with a Green Bay model of ownership, or go somewhere else. Yes, I know the NFL has a rule against this, but like all NFL rules it can be changed in a NY minute if they want to. In any case, the owner will need to be rich enough to finance a new stadium on their own and that it won’t be in MV.

    Interesting tidbit from Sileo yesterday – OK, Raiders play in small stadium in LV for 3-4 years and LAmes play in Stub Hub for two years. Assume Raiders return to playoffs next year with a home game – is someone like Bob Kraft going to be happy about playing a playoff game in a mini-stadium? How about the networks? Half of the AFCW vs AFCW games will be in the mini-stadiums. Wonder how many area codes the networks will put those games on?

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