The day of January 15, 2017 is almost here. That day is the date in which the Chargers need to either use the option to move the team to Los Angeles or to stay in San Diego, attempting to work out a mutually beneficial stadium agreement for the Chargers organization and the city of San Diego. Of course, there is also the option that they could ask to extend the option to Los Angeles, adding the much-needed time to keep the Bolts in America’s finest city. The move to Los Angeles would be a costly one, but it also would be a very, very, stupid decision on the part of Chargers management.

This season it was reported that most of the ticket sales for the Chargers-Raiders game in San Diego were from L.A. county, so much so that the Chargers had to practice the silent count in order to deal with the crowd. However, when the game was played, it was not a bunch of Chargers fans, it was a ton of Raiders fans.  That game should have been physical proof that the Chargers will not be welcome in Los Angeles.

“So they will re-brand and become more profitable.”

This is a false statement because Los Angeles already has two established fan bases: the Rams and the Raiders. Trying to build a completely new franchise would be next to impossible. Then the money that would be involved in such a re-brand.


First they would have to pay for a firm to conduct the survey about naming the team, then they would have to take the name to digital designers, after that they would have to create the merchandise. Keep in mind, that is not the merchandise that is sold to the general public. Think about the amount of logos you see of a team in any given stadium in any sport. The concourses have logos, the cups, the golf carts, the uniforms, the field of play, the jumbotrons and so on and so forth.

First, imagine the cost of all of that, then add the $500 million dollar relocation fee to the NFL. So, right now it is safe to say moving to Los Angeles will be a costly decision, I mean, it’s only a couple of billion dollars. All spent on the chance they might make a profit due to the larger audience. Personally, that seems like too much money to me to be spent on a “possibility”.  If they were to re-brand, as an original team in Los Angeles, history shows that all the teams who have already done that, have eventually moved away from Los Angeles.

With the history of the Spanos family that we have seen in San Diego, we know two things: they are not big spenders and they do not seem to make sound football decisions, they make business decisions. If someone wanted to move a business, why leave all the loyal customers, spend a couple of billion dollars, just purely on the possibility that you might actually turn a profit. In other words, there is a very small chance the Spanos’ clan will be successful in Los Angeles.

Recently the City and County of San Diego, along with San Diego State University, unveiled a new downtown stadium plan. Read about it in this link ( http://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/sports/columnists/kevin-acee/sd-sp-charupdate-0103-story.html).

The headline reads that it would be up to the rest of the league to allow Spanos to move the team. I do not think that the owners are going to give up a ninth home game in San Diego. Not to mention, losing one of America’s largest tourist destinations would hurt the NFL’s bottom line in multiple ways.

After the Rams experiment in Los Angeles, the owners are probably very weary of the fans in Los Angeles. This seasons ratings for the Los Angeles Rams were actually LOWER than the tv ratings while the team was in St Louis. (Source: http://ftw.usatoday.com/2016/12/st-louis-los-angeles-rams-television-ratings-nfl)

That proves, in my mind, that even though they will be moving to a more populated area, that does guarantee that the team will make money. Even after all the money the Rams spent, they are (so far) not better off in Los Angeles.

In closing, the Chargers will not move to Los Angeles because of the necessary costs of the move and the results of the Los Angeles Rams’ experiment prematurely seeming to be a bad plan.

Not to mention, in the last game, there was a sign that was posted outside of the Q that said,” keeping the tradition in San Diego.” This means either they are staying, or they are keeping the name “Chargers” in San Diego.


Thanks a lot for reading.


Corey Decker



One Response to Prediction: The Chargers will not move

  • OPBolt says:

    Well, I hope you are right. However –

    As usual this remains a cluster f@%*. I see no clarity between the City and team on stadium location, which has a huge impact on cost and desirability (citizens vs. team). There are lots of numbers being thrown around, mostly by amateurs like us. The doomsday scenario is still the most likely unless the NFL forks over more money (bad precedent from their point of view), the location shifts to Mission Valley or somehow the costs can be driven down into the 700-800M dollar level. The only other hope I can see is if Stan Kroneke changes his view about another team in LA.

    My suspicion is that San Diego cannot or will not support the NFL’s 20 year cycle of stadium blackmail. The white knight scenario would have the NFL pressure the Spanos Krewe to sell the team. Of course, the new guy could then move the team to St. Louis, where a stadium deal is sitting on the table.

    – NFL owners have evolved. These are no longer the rich guy who drops by the local pub and stands the boyos a round. Being a billionaire is probably not rich enough, you need to be a multi-billionaire and understand complex financial leveraging. The Spanos Krewe is no longer rich enough or evolved enough to compete.
    – NFL owners, as a group, are only interested in return on investment. If the LA deal for SD/Oak did not make economic sense it would have been killed last year. The old school owners had a standing veto on Las Vegas forever because of the taint of gambling. Care to place odds on whether current owners turn down $750M sitting on the table as we speak?
    – If you believe for one second that the NFL gives a rat’s ass about “losing one of America’s largest tourist destinations” or that leaving SD “would hurt the NFL’s bottom line in multiple ways” you are addicted to Goodell’s Kool-Aid. His “we don’t want teams to relocate” sure looks like BS if you live in St. Louis (which had state approved proposal on the table). If I compare a Super Bowl in Las Vegas or LA vs. San Diego – seriously? I would bet that more people already go to Las Vegas for every year’s Super Bowl than attend the game itself.

    Sorry for the rant. Again, I hope you are right, but I have really shifted over to the glass half empty demographic.

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