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So, I’ve been reading lots of comments about how we should hire either Jon Gruden or Bill Cowher. Let’s take a look at both candidates and a few other names that have been mentioned by Chargers fans.


Jon Gruden: Personally, I don’t get it. I don’t see Gruden as a great coach who can walk in and save the day. After two minutes of research, I found that Jon Gruden has a career coaching record of 95-81 (.540). He coached for 11 years. He had a record of 5-4 in the playoffs with one Super Bowl win. His best single season record was 12-4 and his worst was 4-12.

Gruden’s record shows that he is an adequate coach who can win with the right players. I believe his reputation as a tough guy (Chucky) and his recognizable name are the two reasons he is considered a “sexy” pick.

Bill Cowher: A much better choice, in my humble opinion. He has a career record of 149-90-1 (.623). He coached for 15 years. He was 12-9 in the post-season with two trips to the Super Bowl with one victory and one loss. His best single season record was 15-1 and his worst was 6-10. There are two knocks that go against Cowher. 1. He is too old. 2. He has a cushy job and doesn’t want to leave it.


I don’t buy number one. He is 59 years old. That is not old in coach years. He just retired young. Number two, on the other hand, I totally believe. I don’t think he would want to leave his TV gig for the grind of the NFL. Also, if he came back and failed, it would tarnish his legacy.


Let’s just move from both of these guys. If Cowher says he wants the job, I’m fine with that. But I don’t think he will. If Gruden wants the job, I would not be excited.

For comparison’s sake, Bill Belichick’s winning percentage is .670 and Norv Turner’s winning percentage with San Diego was .583 with a career percentage of .483.

Other names being talked about by Chargers fans on social media:

Rex Ryan: Coached for eight years so far. Record of 60-65 (.480). Playoff record of 4-2 with no Super Bowl appearances. Best record 11-5, worst 4-12

David Shaw: No NFL head coaching experience. .788 winning percentage while at Stanford.

Ken Whisenhunt: Head coach for eight years. Overall record of 48-71 (.403). Post-season record 4-2 with one trip to the Super Bowl (loss). Best record 10-6. Worst 2-14.

Sean Payton: Head coach for 10 years. Career record of 92-65 (.586). Post-season record 6-4 with one Super Bowl victory. Best record 13-3 (twice). Worst 7-9.

Mike McCoy: Head coach for four years. Career record of 27-34 (.443). Post-season record 1-1 with zero trips to the Super Bowl. Best record 9-7. Worst 4-12.


4 Responses to Chargers next head coach: let’s get real

  • Bruce says:

    Lousy list. Ryan is going to get fired again so why would we want him? Whisenhunt didn’t cut it in Tennessee. Shaw? Maybe but he’s got NO personality whatsoever. There’s got to be an ex-Olineman or ex-MLB who was tough on the field and still is tough as a coach.

  • I’m sure the teams list will be different, if they actually fire McCoy. These names came off of Facebook team group pages. Personally, I expect McCoy to get an extension. I also think what happens on January 15th may be the difference. If they say they are going to LA, look for McCoy to be fired. If they say they are trying one more year, look for him to stay and possibly get an extension. Thanks for the comment.

  • OPBolt says:

    I concur with Cowher and Chucky. Regarding Cowher, how good would he be without Fortress Rooney to support him? And let’s face it, the difference between Fortress Rooney and the Spanos Krewe is HUGE!

    It seems to me there are a couple of things for the Chargers to line up:
    – Scheme/Strategy/X’s and O’s – you either get someone you think can work with the basics of the team we have for the time left for Rivers – or – you bring someone in to blow it up and rebuild a new team
    – Retread, old, previously fired HC, or take a chance on the next great thing coordinator
    – offense or defense or special team expert – if it matters then get the flavor you prefer. Frankly, I want someone who has shown strength of character, leadership, excellence on the field, teaching and management skills. Other than their personality dealing with the players, I want someone who can find the best and get the best out of their staff.

    I am not a huge fan of the retread coach, although Vermeil, Coughlin, Belichick and Carroll are pretty good arguments for the formerly fired.

    My current favorite is Matt Patricia.

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