Currently, the San Diego Chargers are showing signs of improvement. Despite many injured, “stars”, the makeshift team has taken the field and beaten the reigning Super Bowl champions and then followed that up by squeezing out a victory over the Atlanta Falcons and their number one rated offense. Yes, Chargers fans have reason to feel excited about the future of this team. Who knows, maybe there is a chance for Philip Rivers to win a ring before he retires, without trading him away. Time will tell.

One thing most fans don’t consider is that if this teams continues to play well, Head Coach Mike McCoy, or, “McNorv” as some fans call him, will not only survive the season, he will most likely get an extension! Remember, when fans were screaming for the departure of Norv Turner, he received an extension.

One thing NFL teams do not like to do is have a lame-duck coach. Whenever a coach is on the last year of his contract, the front office worries that the team will not listen to him and will not buy into his system anymore. After all, why learn from a guy who is on his way out the door?

For McCoy, there is one more year on his contract after this season. Many fans do not expect him to survive the season. After the last two victories, it appears he has saved his job, at least until the bye week. More than likely, he has saved his job for the rest of the season. If the Chargers continue to improve and end the season at .500 or better, expect Coach McCoy to be locked into another two, to three years.

We should be honest, if Coach McCoy turns this team full of rookies and backups into a playoff team, or at least a winner, he probably deserves an extension! (That was painful to type)
Looking around the NFL, it is obvious that some teams have different philosophies when it comes to making coaching changes. The Cleveland Browns have had 18 different coaches since 1969. Even the great Bill Belichick couldn’t win there. He left with a dismal record of 36-44. The Browns front office decided it was his fault and cut him loose. Now, with the Patriots, he has a record of 193-70, and a handful of rings.

The Steelers, on the other hand, do not like to change coaches. They have had just three coaches since 1969. The three of them have totaled a record of 726-290 and six championships between them. It seems there is something to be said for continuity.

Our Chargers have had 14 different coaches in the same time span. In all those years, our Bolts have made it to the Super Bowl one time and have no jewelry to show for it. Perhaps it is not so much the coaches, but more on the players. Then again, Marty Schottenheimer and Norv Turner had some great talent on their teams and never made it to the big show. I suppose that is what makes the decision to fire a coach so difficult.

I do not know the answer, so you tell me: Should the Chargers fire Mike McCoy? If so, when? Or, assuming the team ends this season .500 or better, should the Chargers offer McCoy an extension? If you go by recent decisions made by the Chargers front office, I think an extension is more likely than a firing. Leave your answer below and I’ll get back to you.

6 Responses to McCoy headed for extension?

  • There’s nobody on the staff who should get the job if McCoy is axed. Also, I wouldn’t worry about losing McCoy either so let him coach the rest of the season and make a decision then to either keep him or dump him and move on.

    • Personally, I would let the season play out and decide then. They are in no rush. There is no one available right now who excites me, including Pagano and Whiz. To me, it’s playoffs or bust. Thanks for the comment!

  • Anonymous says:

    I think McCoy has had his chance to prove his worth to this team. If I was the owner, I would say ” I have given you all the chances to make this team a winner and you have failed.” Time to move on. Since I am not the owner it will show me what the real owners are about. If they keep him I will know they are not about winning. It’s jus t that simple. The team has talent but no one make these guys winners.

  • OPBolt says:

    Let’s see – 9-7, 9-7, 4-12, and maybe 8-8 this year would be 30-34 for four years. Extension worthy? What makes this season any more noteworthy? We have had heavy injury impacts in all of those years. We have had weak OLs weak DLs crappy STs, poor running and poor pass rush, before injuries in all of those years. We have bitched about poor 4th Q play since Norv got here.

    So, is MM an average coach, or is he working miracles with a heavily injured team, with generally below average players? Was this year’s draft/FA success a sign of improvement in the player evaluation process, or just a lucky shot in the dark?

    I suspect you are correct and that MM will get an extension if the team doesn’t collapse from continued injuries. I think head coaches need time to learn and grow into the position and I think the Spanos Krewe hope that is the case with MM. Finding a good HC/good QB combo is stunningly hard. Once Rivers is gone, they know that they are back in crap shoot mode, so they probably HOPE that MM can be good enough in the short term.

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