Offensive lineman King Dunlap joined the Chargers via free agency during the 2013 offseason.

After missing five games during his debut season with San Diego, Dunlap went on to play in and start all 16 games of the 2014 season, earning him a new four-year, $28 million deal with the organization during the 2015 offseason. The now 31-year-old was also awarded the team’s Offensive Lineman of the Year Award for his work during the 2014 campaign.

Then comes the 2015 season.

Due to various injuries and ailments, including concussion problems, Dunlap only suited up for seven games in ’15, leaving the starting left tackle spot to be manned by players such as Tyreek Burwell and Chris Hairston, to name a couple.

The hope around Chargers Park was that the nine-year veteran would rebound health-wise and come into the 2016 season will a clean bill of health.

Everything seemed fine for Dunlap, that is until the day of their Week 3 contest against the Indianapolis Colts.

Reports from the team came out that Dunlap was suffering from an “illness” of some sort, relating, to at least some degree, to migraines.

Dunlap missed the Week 3 loss against the Colts and he would go on to miss the Week 4 loss to the Saints, too.

The Chargers have gone on the record stating that Dunlap’s illness issues do not have anything to do with a concussion, something that he has dealt with throughout portions of his football career.

When the Bolts released their Wednesday practice participation report, Dunlap was listed as a limited participant, meaning he probably did some stretching and individual work but did not participate in many, if any, team drills.

Last week against the Saints, the Chargers moved Joe Barksdale over to left tackle and shuffled around other portions of the offensive line, as well.

The team has also used Chris Hairston at left tackle in the absence of Dunlap.

It is very difficult to say when one should expect Dunlap to return to field. The Bolts, as usual, have been very tight-lipped on the issue, so it is safe to say that no one truly has any idea when King will be back on the gridiron.

Needless to say, we all hope he returns sooner rather than later.


Dave Booga Peters


4 Responses to What is going on with King Dunlap?

    • Booga Peters
      Booga Peters says:

      That certainly could be the problem. I know that he’s bored me to sleep in some of the postgame press conferences that I’ve covered!

  • OPBolt says:

    Booga – whatever is going on here, I hope for Dunlap’s sake it is passing.

    I’m not a doctor, but this is pretty concerning I’ve had friends who suffered terrible migraines – and I mean put you in a dark room and wish for death level of terrible. But in my limited experience it was never more than a day or so at a time. So, what are we at now, three weeks of episodes? In all my (admittedly very limited) experience, migraine sufferers have had periodic episodes since their teenage years, so, if Dunlap is suddenly suffering migraine clusters at his age, I would be very worried about the cause – and his future. Considering that myriad concussion related conditions can and do occur well after an individual concussion, and that Dunlap has suffered multiple concussions in the past, McCoy’s statement can be viewed for what it is – utter BS. I view McCoy’s statement merely as lawyer imposed spin, focused on a possible litigation end game. Just another example of rich guy’s dabbling at a semi-pro level of competence in running a team.

    Do I want Dunlap to return to the field? I’m conflicted, even if the Charger’s doctors give him a green light. I can tell you that if I were Dunlap I damn sure would get a world class neurological second opinion. Wouldn’t you?

    • Booga Peters
      Booga Peters says:

      Yes I would. And I am positive that I couldn’t put it any more perfectly than you did. This is a much bigger deal than the attention it is receiving (hardly any attention at all).

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