The shootout in Mission Valley became just another 4th quarter collapse under Mike McCoy, who has seen his team fail to close out three games in the second half in the four opportunities of 2016.

The Chargers would fall to the Saints by a score of 35-34 in a contest that they most certainly should have won.

Sunday was no different, as the Bolts carried a 13-point lead into the 4th with 6:50 to go. The Chargers would then proceed to fumble on two consecutive drives; the first by Melvin Gordon and the second by Travis Benjamin.

The real story here is coaching, which if you’re a diehard Bolts fan like I have been, you’ve watched this team your whole life.

Since the miracle season in 2013 which honestly Norv Turner himself could’ve done that, this team has fallen off the rails. McCoy is 13-20 in that span, losing too many games by one score or less than one fan can remember.

If last year didn’t set a precedent, the start to this season should. Simply put, McCoy is not getting it done at the head coaching position. It’s time to make a change before this season gets too far out of reach for these Bolts to even catch a wildcard birth.



Duds of the game:

Melvin Gordon – Yes, he had two touchdowns for fantasy owners. Hooray…. For Bolts fans, this was his worst game of the season. He was never able to get going running the ball. Though the Saints were selling out to stop the run, it is fair to say that good running backs still find a way. His biggest miscue, fumbling the ball with just under seven minutes to go in the game, is something that is just unforgivable. Just hold on to it and live to fight another down for God’s sake!

Travis Benjamin – A miserable day as a receiver: four receptions for 48 yards. His biggest blunder coming a drive right after the Melvin Gordon Fumble, as he caught the ball and carelessly fumbled it, allowing the Saints to get the ball for a go-ahead TD.

Mike “Choke” McCoy – This may seem redundant, but I will do it anyway. What halftime adjustments did you give this team? What was the message given to this team going into the 4th? Whatever it was, it didn’t work.

Mike this loss and the other two fall right at your feet. For two weeks in a row your team had a lead and two weeks in a row they have found new ways to lose it. Here’s hoping the Spanos family wakes up and gives you the ax you deserve, ensuring that I don’t have to put you as dud for the rest of the season.

Dishonorable mentions: injuries at linebacker continuing to mount, DJ Fluker and Spencer Pulley


Studs of the game:

Hunter Henry –  After a costly fumble last week as the Bolts were attempting a comeback, Henry had another solid week, gaining 61 yards on four receptions, including his first touchdown as a pro.

Dontrelle Inman – After lackluster games to begin the 2016 season, Inman had the game of his life, totaling 120 yards and a TD on seven receptions. You knew going into this game that the Saints would have hard time with all of the Chargers’ offensive weapons. Have a day, though, Inman.

Craig Mager – Was it just one interception? Yes. It should’ve been a key one if not for the offensive fumbles. Mager did his job, showing up and making a play for this team when it mattered most.

Honorable mentions: Philip Rivers, Jason Verrett(way to come back, kid) and Tyrell Williams


The 2016 season has not gone as hoped in the eyes of Chargers fans all over the world. Despite a heightened amount of excitement surrounding a strong free-agency period and draft, the team has struggled to close out games, losing three games in which they should have most definitely won; the Bolts should be 4-0, to be honest, and I think you all know that.

With that in mind, do you think the Chargers can rebound from their 1-3 record and put themselves into a position to compete for a playoff spot?

Let me know by leaving your thoughts in the comments section below.


Chris Hoke


2 Responses to Chargers lose 35-34: Fire Mike McCoy now!

  • OPBolt says:

    Chris – you’re joking right? Playoff spot? No disrespect, but we’re in 1st round draft choice territory. We might do better with better coaching, but this is, at best, a bottom tier team in talent. Rivers is always a threat to any team, but the problem is he must be Superman, every damn week. Without a talented team (or coach) he is 4-12.

    There has been poor team building/player evaluation of this team since at least the last A.J. Smith years. What we have year in and year out is a collection of mostly mediocre, injury prone, and some poor players. Many of the players who we hold up as our best players not named Rivers, Allen or Woodhead fade into the background when we watch real professional teams like the Steelers on Sunday. If you want to know the true caliber of this team just look at a graph of wins and losses since 2010. Look at a graph of wins and losses against the AFCW since 2010. Take a look at the number of players selected each year for the Pro-Bowl/ All-Pro. All of these indicators show a team on a downward glide slope resulting from bad decisions and mistakes. Unfortunately, since the Spanos third generation is deeply embedded in this process, even changing GMs will likely provide the same results.

    Since 2014 to the present:

    Away games: we are 4-13 with a point differential of -96. Against AFCW – we are 1-6 with a point differential of -45, so not much hope there.That suggests statistical possibility of a win at Cleveland, but all the rest are losses to better teams.

    Home games: we are14-9 with a point differential of +33 (Jags game this year really skewed this number – but it is what it is). Against the AFCW – we are 1-5 with a point differential of -60. This suggests that only two out of three against the Dolphins, Titans, or Buccaneers are a possibility.

    My guess is we end up at 4-12, with wins against the Jags, Cleveland, Titans and Buccaneers.

    Sorry for the rant – good thing it’s Tuesday and not last Sunday.

  • Kenneth Zuorro says:

    Granted injuries have hurt us a lot, but we have the talent to overcome those injuries as is evidenced in the first 30 to 40 minutes of each game. What we lack is coaching. We need to make changes at half time, because the other team knows what we are doing and they make changes which we have no answers for. We need a head coach who instills a fighting attitude in the players. I thought Travis Benjamin was so fast nobody could keep up with him, but what I saw Sunday against the Saints was a receiver and returner who ran out of bounds every time a tackler came near him. We also need a new special teams coach. When was the last time our special teams did something noteworthy????

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