Entering the 2016 season, Chargers’ cornerback Jason Verrett was primed and ready to begin receiving the national recognition that the former first-round pick has earned via his outstanding play through his first two years.

After a solid 2015 campaign, fans and media members alike could not help but notice No. 22 making countless plays week after week, slowing down or eliminating opposing teams’ No. 1 receiving targets.

In Sunday’s 26-22 loss to the Indianapolis Colts, Verrett did not have one of those games where accolades and praise would come raining down on the young defensive back.

The 25-year-old began Sunday afternoon with the task of being primarily responsible for shutting down wide receiver T.Y. Hilton of the Colts.

It would prove to be a long day for Verrett, as (PFF) describes his play from the team’s loss on their Top-10 worst performances of the week list.


5. Jason Verrett, CB, San Diego Chargers

Verrett came into this game having effectively shut down Jaguars star wide receiver Allen Robinson the previous week, but he couldn’t come close to the same trick against Indianapolis’ T.Y. Hilton, who gashed him for big yardage. In this game Verrett gave up a total of 138 yards and a touchdown, and when targeted, he allowed a perfect passer rating of 158.3.


As fans, we are not accustomed to seeing Verrett struggle like this. Hilton is a very talented and speedy wideout, but we have all seen Verrett lock down receivers who are better than the speedster from Indy.

It goes without saying, Verrett knows he performed poorly, and he went on to show just how accountable he felt for the loss, taking to Twitter to voice his thoughts on the game and his performance.





Let me follow his tweet by saying that Verrett is clearly not the sole reason the Chargers lost to the Colts; the game was lost by the team as whole, including the, at times, inept coaching staff.

Many fans and teammates had Feeva’s back on the social media website, reassuring him that it was not only his fault and that they knew he would bounce back.

Head coach Mike McCoy stated during a postgame press conference that Verrett was a bit dinged up going into Sunday’s game, mentioning that he was not 100% healthy.

Verrett’s next opportunity comes against the aerial attack of the New Orleans Saints.

Led by quarterback Drew Brees and wide receiver Brandin Cooks, the Saints’ high-powered passing game will prove to be a tough matchup for all of the Chargers’ defense come Week 4.

If Verrett wanted a chance to go out and prove that last week was the exception and not the rule, he has received just that.

I am not expecting Jason to completely shut down Cooks, but I feel confident in saying that he will rise to the occasion and bounce back from Week 3’s performance, proving once again that he is a top-notch cornerback in the NFL.

Over his short career, the third-year veteran defensive back has tallied 73 total tackles, 18 passes defensed and five interceptions — one of which was returned for a touchdown.


Thanks a lot for reading.


Dave Booga Peters

4 Responses to Stud CB Verrett struggles in loss to Colts

  • Big White Kahuna
    Big White Kahuna says:

    I agree with Richard, however there was a decent pass rush on Luck most of the game. In watching the game again, Verrett was just outplayed. Just a bad game and the only one by him I have seen in his short career.

  • Booga Peters
    Booga Peters says:

    In watching the All-22, Brian is right; Verrett just had a bad game. When you have those smaller, quicker, faster receivers, you may be able to get your hands on them, but they adjust in and out of breaks much easier than most of the bigger wideouts. Hilton tore him up. BUT, let’s not forget that No. 22 was dinged up going into the game.

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