Football is finally in the air again as the San Diego Chargers take the field for their first training camp of 2016 in less than 24 hours. The camp will be free and open to the public. Rookies and veterans report Friday for physicals. On Saturday, ninety men will take the field at Chargers Park ready to make a name for themselves.

That is, all but one.

The saga surrounding the Chargers’ first round draft pick, defensive end Joey Bosa, continues. Bosa will continue his holdout and will be a no-show at training camp opening day. ESPN Chargers reporter Eric Williams posted the story below less than an hour ago detailing the particulars of the holdout. The story also includes an ESPN Cover 2 segment moderated by Trey Wingo about the Bosa holdout.

The issue is money. Bosas’ management team, CAA, wants Bosa to have no offset language in his contract. In short, he wants to be paid his full guaranteed monies regardless of whether he is still a member of the Chargers at the end of his rookie deal or not.

If for some reason Bosa is released and signed by another team before the end of his contract, without offset language, the Chargers would still have to pay Bosa the full value of his contract even if he is playing for another team and getting paid by said other team. The Chargers have not allowed this provision to any player on the roster and don’t plan on starting now.

The negotiation continues but by holding his stance and holding out as camp opens, Bosa puts himself behind the eight-ball when it comes to performing on the field when the games count for real. His teammates will forgive him as every player in the locker room understand trying to get as much money as possible while you can.

Where Bosa will sour himself to his teammates and fans is if he shows up and underperforms or is slow adapting to the playbook. If he plays and provides 8-10 sacks and a proficiency for bringing down the ball carrier, al will be forgiven. Time will tell.

Saturday, the clock starts ticking.


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4 Responses to Biggest opening day camp question answered

  • JEFF says:

    Bosa’s mis-management team is giving him the shaft. Where is Bosa’s Dad in all of this? I’d fire this agent in a heartbeat if Joey was my son, and get someone with common sense in their place. What a disappointment……..especially for Joey!

  • Greg Williams
    Greg Williams says:

    Like I said in the article. it’s about getting paid as much as you can as soon as you can because the shelf life of an NFL player is short. The Chargers aren’t going to waive the offset language for anyone. The sooner he and his management team realize that, the better off they will all be.

  • Anonymous says:

    Chargers must have a curse on them. From cheap owners to poor coaching to the injury bug and now to a rookie out of all them in the draft, they pick one who won’t sign his ROOKIE contract. I just be damn. I don’t know how they keep any fans with that kind of crap.

  • Anonymous says:

    It is frustrating. I want to see what he can do in camp just like all of us do. If he comes back soon, all will be forgiven. If this drags into the preseason schedule then he will turn fans and his teammates against him. You don’t want that negative attention as a rookie. I think it gets done soon. The team has spent wisely. Mebane and Benjamin are going to pay huge dividends this season. Can’t fault the team for picking the guy who was #1 on their draft board. Let’s just hope the headache is worth it in the end.

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