In honor of the upcoming NFL draft, today will be, almost, 100% committed to draft articles.

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Let me make something clear, so there is no confusion.  I am aware that it is 2013. But, the successful teams in the NFL are able to draft players that stick around for longer than five seasons.  That is not to say that they keep the entire draft class for five years.  But when you look at San Diego’s draft class of 2008, not a single player still remains on the roster.  Even worse is the fact that only two of them are still in the NFL.

I have another article that covers the fact that only Eric Weddle is still a Charger from the classes that were selected between the years of 2007 and 2009. This piece will focus solely on the 2008 group.

Here is the how the draft stacked up in 2008 for the Bolts.

1st round:  Antoine Cason  CB  Arizona


3rd round:  Jacob Hester  RB/FB/ST


5th round:  Marcus Thomas  RB  UTEP


6th round:  DeJaun Tribble  DB  Boston College


7th round:  Corey Clark  OT  Texas A&M


Cason, a former Thorpe award winner in college, has returned to the state where he went to school.  The Chargers did not desire to bring him back and the free agent signed with the Arizona Cardinals.  Although Cason was not nearly as bad as most of the fans portrayed him to be, he had more than his share of poor plays in San Diego.  The fact that he was a first rounder makes his exit that much more of a sore spot.

Having no selection in the second round, the Chargers picked Jacob Hester in the third.  The team had no second round choice due to the move up to acquire Eric Weddle in the previous year’s draft.  That one worked out just fine, if I do say so myself.  Unfortunately, in hindsight, the Chargers moving up to select Hester did not pan out as hoped.  He flashed a couple positive moments, particularly on special teams, but became one of the more frustrating draft selections for the team in recent memory.  I am not, by any means, saying he is Buster Davis.  But he was definitely not a success in lightning bolts.

Thomas and Tribble barely saw any action in the NFL whatsoever.  Clark stuck around on the Charger bench for a few seasons and was brought in during a couple of team’s training camps as a camp body.

The 2008 class is done.  As already mentioned, Cason is in Arizona, while Hester relocated to within the division in Denver. Needless to say, A.J. Smith really blew it in 2008.

Later today, I’ll have some more draft articles about other selections, and classes, that can almost be considered a collective group of busts.


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