Since selecting Joey Bosa with the third pick in the first round of this year’s draft, Chargers fans have been overly excited and overly anxious as well. Once it was announced that Bosa would be holding out due to contract issues with the organization, fans have become very critical of the youngster’s decision to not sign his rookie contract. This has sent this Chargers fan base into an outrage calling Bosa both selfish and money-hungry, among many other derogatory things.

I’m here to tell all of my fellow Chargers fans that while I love the fans’ passion for our team, everybody needs to chill.

No, really, just chill.

Bosa and his agent are upset over the off-set language in the contract, which the Chargers have come out and said every one of their contracts has some sort of off-set language in them.

While we would all like to have the Bosa contract signed and completed, there is absolutely nothing to be concerned about, yet.

The team is taking a much-needed respite prior to the beginning of training camp, which both rookies and veterans will be reporting to on July 29.

If this bleeds into training camp and, even worse, into preseason. then I will start worrying. Until that point, let’s try to remember, we are just fans who love our team; we treat this team like it’s our family; we win with this team and we lose with this team; we don’t just turn our fandom off. All of that being said, we are not the players who have worked our whole lives and sacrificed so much just to have an opportunity to play in the NFL.

Though we all hope Bosa is a long-time Charger, contract disputes happen all of the time in this game. Bosa has to get the contract that is best for him, his family and his future. Who are we as fans to call him out; especially when so many greats have done this same thing before him, including many San Diego Chargers.

The Spanos family is notorious for being cheap and tough negotiators. They already have enough issues with the stadium vote coming to the ballot in November, and they don’t need anymore negative press. After all, they picked Bosa not only because he was the best player available, but because he would bring a level of excitement and positive press which this team needs going into a possible boom-or-bust season.

My firm belief is the Bosa contract will be resolved days before training camp begins, avoiding negative press and showing us all that there was nothing to worry about.

So, go ahead and call Bosa selfish; it’s your right as a Chargers fan to have your own opinion. The organization has had selfish, money-hungry players in the past, including the lazy Jared Gaither.

That’s not Bosa, though. I genuinely believe he loves the game. He has been on record stating, “football is all he knows.” I’m sure he would love to be with the team learning and showing the team he’s here to work.

For now, all we can do is wait and let time do its thing. Fans must  just relax and hold off on your overreactions, seeing as when Bosa hits the field and starts wreaking havoc in opposing team’s backfields, you’ll forget all about this contractual nonsense.


Chris “Supercharged” Hoke

One Response to My thoughts on the Bosa contract situation

  • Chris, since the advent of the rookie cap and salary “slotting” Rookie holdouts DON”T happen all the time anymore, in fact, the last one I remember was the Micheal Crabtree mess of roughly 10 years ago. Veterans, yes, they still hold out but the rookies no longer do.

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